Image13Workout for 5/26/2014

Music: Led Zeppelin

T-shirt: BeEr: Pub Crawling is a Science.

Memorial Day.
Wasn’t sure how many people would show up today.
Just started with three exercise…
Then added more as we “needed” them.Image3
First: Chest

Kinda…like I said we added some stations as needed.

DB Flyes
Band Flyes
DB Press
Sit Ups and Kettle bell Swings

3 Cycles of 10 RepsImage5

Second: Back Circuit

Band Pulldowns
Rear DB Lateral Raises
DB Rows
Inverted Rows
Sit Ups

3 Cycles of 10 RepsImage8

Third: Shoulder Circuit

Side Laterals
Plate Upright Rows
BB Upright Rows
BB Overhead Press
Plate Presses

3 Cycles of 10 RepsImage14

Fourth: Arm Circuit 1

Bicep Emphasis
2 Cycles of 10 Reps

DB Curls
Band Push Downs
Bench Dips
E-Z CurlsImage18
BB Curls

Fifth: Arm Circuit 2

Triceps Emphasis
2 Cycles of 10 Reps

DB Triceps Extensions
Band Triceps Extensions
Band Curls
Lying Triceps Extensions
BB Curls


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