Image9Workout for 6/2/2014

T-Shirt: BEER.

Music: Old Hits.

Doing the circuit training thing again today!
Of Course, as always, I threw in a few different things.
Like increasing the reps instead of decreasing them.
And doing a “super slow” cycle.Image10
Just changing things up…as always!

First: Monster Circuit

4 Cycles Total

14 stations

1. Incline DB Press
2. Overhead DB PressImage15
3. Kettle Bell Swings
4. Standing Triceps Extension
5. BB Curls
6. TBand Triceps Extension
7. Big Wheel Rollouts
8. Battleing Ropes
9. Keg Leg Curls
10. Medicine Ball Situps
11. Keg Overhead SquatsImage8
12. Inverse Rows
13. Incline Leg Raises
14. Plate Upright Rows

10, 15, 20 Reps And one more cycke for 7 reps…
But sloooow…5-6 second in the negative phase
…well except for the KB swings and rope…

Tough stuff!!

Second: Medicine Ball DrillsImage20

12 Balls
6 – 20 pounds

Standing Ball Slams 2 Reps Each Ball
Jumping Ball Slams 2 Reps Each Ball
Jumping Ball Slam with Burpee 2 Reps Each Ball

That was just about enough!



And by the way…keep your eyes on the ball(s)!!!


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