Single Leg DB Ladder Workout

Posted: September 23, 2014 in Circuit Training, Core, Exercise, fitness
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Image2Workout for 9/17/2014

T-Shirt: Beer Up or Shut Up
Music: Just a variety of stuff

Let’s see…apparently I got a bit lazy and haven’t blogged about the workouts. Oh, we did work out. Didn’t get lazy about that at all! But did get lazy about the blogging.

I guess I could make up an excuse like most folks. You know…about being too busy…things coming up…that kind of crap.Image1

Bottom line: If it is important you will find time to do it.

We had time to work out because we wanted to.

Now I’m making time to write about it.

So what did we do?
A variation of what we call the Dumbbell Ladder. Image4

Essentially you line up pairs of dumbbells and do exercises with them “up and down the ladder”.

The “variation” was doing all the reps standing on one leg. So a bit of balance and core stuff thrown in on this one!

We started with 15s and the DBs went up to 55s. We did 3 reps on each leg.

First: One Leg Squat on Chair

Second: DB Presses

Third: DB Upright Rows

Fourth: DB Triceps Ext

Fifth: DB CurlsImage16

Sixth: DB Floor Press W/One Leg Bridge

Seventh: DB Shrugs

That’s it for this one!




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