Image14Workout for 9/24/2014

T-Shirt: Size Matters Not – Yoda
Music: Steppenwolf again?!

Functional Exercise.

A term that has been in vogue for a few years.

It seems that everyone has a take on what “functional exercises” are but really any exercise could be labled as “functional”. Hell if I usually have a 12 oz. beer but I rally up to 28 oz I’ve just progressively increased my intensity and functionally speaking that could help me drink more. Not to mention the stability the “exercise” provides at the wrist, elbow, and shoulder!

If you Google “Functional Exercises” the following are the top four (today 9/25/2014) sites. While one article may be “better” than another it really doesn’t matter. This is what you’d get…essentially just exercise. Nothing fancy. At least there wasn’t a Bosu or TRX in the top four!

So what is functional to me? I like to describe it as “movements your body does in life”. So I have a list of 18 Actions I consider functional today…tomorrow I may add a couple more.

Here’s what I have: Crawling, Rolling, Jumping, Lifting, Carrying, Stepping, Running, Toss/Throwing, Squatting, Getting off the floor, Pushing, Pulling, Grabbing/Gripping, Kicking, Punching, Kneeling, Walking, Balancing.

This workout has all the above. Shit I even threw in an Overhead Squat for the FMS people…even though it isn’t really functional at all. I haven’t ever had reason in my everyday life to do a squat with something over my head!

Just some exercise info: The dumbbells go from 15s to 55s. One keg is 32 pounds another is 83 pounds. The piece of luggage is around 30 pounds. We ran outside of the warehouse after each circuit. The 2 x 4 is 10 feet long and warped. Guess that’s enough info for now.

First: Functional Circuit 1Image4

Dumbbell Squat Ladder
Jump Up/Jump Out
Dumbbell Straight Leg Deadlift Ladder
Run 200 Yards

Second: Functional Circuit 2Image6

Dumbbell Triceps Extension Ladder
Crawl on Back
Keg and Case Carry
Dumbbell Curl Ladder
Run 200 Yards

Third: Functional Circuit 3Image25

Dumbbell Rows
Squats to Ball Bar Overhead
Squats with Medicine Ball Toss Overhead
Squats with Medicine Ball In Front
Medicine Ball Toss
Bench Step Ups Forward
Bench Step Ups Sideways
Dumbbell Floor Press LadderImage18
Run 200 Yards

Fourth: Functional Circuit 4

Dumbbell Upright Row Ladder
High Kick Over Chair
Front Kick Over Chair
Punches w/Band
Walk on 2 x 4Image11
Lunges on 2 x 4
Kneeling Lunges
Lay on Floor and Get Up
Dumbbell Press Ladder
Run 200 Yards




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