Workout You Can Do Anywhere!

Posted: October 6, 2014 in Body Weight, Core, Exercise, fitness, lose fat, Push ups
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Image22Music: Molly Hatchet
T-Shirt: I Love Helen

All bodyweight today.
A bunch of squat variations.
A bunch of pushup variations.
And some core/ab stuff thrown in just for the heck of it.
Simple, effective. Hits pretty much the whole body.

No fancy equipment needed.Image1
Just your body…a chair…

And the decision to do something.

First: Squat Variations

20 Reps of Squats followed by:
20 seated leg raises after each squat variation.

Feet Together
Feet Crossed Over (Both Sides)
Toes In
Toes Out, Heel Together
Wide With Toes To Side
Wide Toes Straight Ahead Touch Floor
Cossack (Both Sides)
1 Leg (Both Sides)Image12
Right Foot In Front
Left Foot In Front
Jumping Squat
Jumping And Twist
One Foot In Front of the Other (Both Sides)
Chair Lunge (Both Sides)
Chair Lunge Jump (Both Sides)
Fingers to Floor, Butt to Ceiling
Rock BottomImage16
Hands Slide Over Legs To Feet, Butt Up, And Back Again
Both Feet Facing Left
Both Feet Facing Right

Second: Pushup Variations

10 Reps of Pushups followed by:
20 Crunches after each pushup variation.

Hands at Waist
Walk Out
Left Hand Forward
Right Hand Forward
Hands Over HeadImage28
Right Arm Out to Side
Left Arm Out to Side
Left Hand Over Head, Right Arm at Waist
Right Hand Over Head, Left Arm at Waist

Yep…that was enough!!




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