Score! All Core Workout!!

Posted: October 13, 2014 in Body Weight, Core, Exercise, fitness
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Image9Workout for 10-11-2014
Music: Van Morrison
T-Shirt: Popeye

Hmmm…wasn’t sure what to tackle today.
So why not an all Core/Abs/Midsection workout?!
Works for me. Wasn’t sure how tough it would be.

Turned out it was!
May have to go for more reps next time though!Image1

First And Only:

19 Exercises, 100 Reps Each, 2600 Total Reps

You read that correctly!

2600 Reps…may have to shoot for 3000 next time!

Leg Raises
Seated Leg Raises
Side Hip Ups (100 Each Side)
Lemon Squeezers
Prone Leg Lifts
Prone Upper Body Lifts
Crunches Hand to Knees
Supine Side Crunches (100 Each Side)
Prone Arm/Leg RaisesImage20
Fingers To Toes Crunches
Prone Opposite Arm/Leg Raises (100 Each Side)
Knees To Elbows
Opposite Foot To Hand (100 Each Side)
Side Lying Side Crunches (100 Each Side)
All 4s Opposite Leg/Arm Raises (100 Each Side)
Side Leg Raises (100 Each Side)



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