Image9Workout for: 10 13 2014.
Music: Van Morrison
T-Shirt: got porche

Got a bit sore from the all Core/Abs/Midsection workout a couple of days ago.
Not too bad, but I know I did something!
So why not do some more?
Well, maybe not 2,600 reps.
So today is all about Abs and Arms.Image11

The Arm and Abs Circuit Workout:

We did the same circuit but different rep schemes.
First go round: 10 Reps
Second Time: 15 Reps
Third Stage: 20 Reps
Fourth Phase: 15 Reps
Fifth Dimension: 10 RepsImage16

Time was running out. I was thinking about cooling it all the way down to 5 reps. I brought it up. No one really wanted to do only five. Folks said: “12”. Some said: “At least 10.” Heck I was proud!! And we ended up doing 18 reps

Sixth Interval: 18 Reps

Lying Triceps ExtImage8
Sit Ups
DB Curls
Leg Raises
DB Triceps Extension
Incline Leg Raises
T-Band Push Downs
Sit Up Bench w/Medicine Ball
BB Curls
Seated Leg Raises on ChairImage4

Bench Dips
Roman Chair
BB Full Squat Curls
Seated Lemon Squeezers On Chair


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