Big Bodyweight Blowout!!

Posted: October 21, 2014 in Body Weight, Core, Exercise, fitness, lose fat
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Image15Workout for: 10-20-2014
Music: John Fogerty, ZZ Top

Today is all about mobility and using the body as a gym.
Anyone can do this stuff. Maybe not as many reps or the length of time in the gym but all the movements can be done. No one doing this is a gymnast or professional athlete. It’s just a matter of “doing”.

And don’t think just because it was an all bodyweight workout that it was easy.
It wasn’t!Image1

First: Movement Session One

Inchworms Forward
Inchworms Backward
Long Lunges
Short Lunges
Long Lunge, Lean Back
Long Lunge, Lean Back, Twist
Long Lunge, Lean Back, Twist, Tap footImage6

Second: Movement Session Two

Push Up Walk Forward
Push Up Walk Backward
Push Up Walk Sideways

Short Lunge, Lean Back
Short Lunge, Lean Back, Twist
Short Lunge, Lean Back, Twist, Tap footImage13

Crab Walk Forward
Crab Walk Backward
Crab Walk Sideways

Third: Movement Session Three

Jump Up, Jump Out
Jump Up, Jump Sideways
Jump Up, Jump BackImage19

Side Lunge

Fourth: Movement Session Four



Fifth: Movement Session Five


Bridges 100
Leg Raises 100
Supine Cross Foot to Hand 10
Prone Cross Foot to Hand 10Image30

Sixth: Movement Session Six

Get Off The Floor

On Back, Roll Right, Get Up
On Back, Roll Left, Get Up
On Back, Get Up Forward




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