Thighs and Abs Day!

Posted: October 26, 2014 in Body Weight, Core, Exercise, fitness, Glutes
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Image13Workout for 10-25-2014
Music: Kansas then a bunch of country stuff
T-Shirt: Jägermeister

The last workout was all weights. Today is different…like last time was different. Heck every workout we do is different (Yep, I said that last time.). Chaos programming! Yep, I said that last time, too.

Moving along…Image6
The workout is simple. You get a chair. You sit down. You stand up. Then repeat.

How many? 100 Reps
Oh and we did 10 sets of this. Yep…simple math…1000 Reps total of the body weight squats.

Since the legs were taking a beating we did have a break between each set of squats. Image5

Kind of a break anyway. Between each set of squats we did 100 seated leg raises. Essentially another 1000 reps of stuff.

Tough workout. Legs and abs fried!

First: Chair Squats

As said before. Get a chair. Sit on said chair. Stand up. Repeat.
10 sets of 100 Reps.Image24

In Between: Seated Leg Raises

After a set of 100 squats stay seated. Do 100 seated leg raises.
Then do more squats.

  1. Terry Pemberton says:

    Awesome Bill. Simple but effective

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