Image12Workout for: 11 8 2014
Music: Top 500 Hits
T-shirt: Maltitude

Doing the Circuit Training again this morning.
Of course we’re putting a different dimension on it.
Sure, we’ll be doing something for the whole body.
Sure, we’ll be doing one exercise after another.
Sure, it’ll be tough!


First: Agility Ladder Drills

Had to do something to get the blood flowing.
It was a bit chilly.
And it warmed up fairly quick!

Second: Circuit Training

12 Stations, 3 CyclesImage5
50 Reps, 25 Reps, 10 Reps

The hardest part was doing the 50 reps. 25 reps was a piece of cake after that. And of course…10 reps was close to nothing by then!

BB Curls
Triceps Bench Dips
Triceps PushdownsImage11
Kettle bell Swings
Overhead Press
Sit Ups
DB Curls
Flat Leg Raises
Plate Upright Rows
Band Pulldowns
Incline Leg Raises



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