Another Quickie Barbell Workout

Posted: November 21, 2014 in Circuit Training, Core, Exercise, fitness, High Intensity
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Image2Workout for 11-15-2014
Music: 3 Doors Down (Again)

It’s getting a bit chilly at the gym.
Having to dress in layers.

So this was a bit of a quick, but effective, workout.
We did a quick barbell workout before.
I added a few things for this one.Image3

It’s kinda like a circuit but we only did it once.

Still there were a lot of reps!

First and Only: Another Quickie BB Workout

12 Exercises, 1 x 50 Reps

1. Chair SquatsImage4
2. Heel Raises
3. Bar Overhead Seated Leg Raises
4. Good Mornings Knees Bent
5. Rows
6. Floor Press
7. Overhead Press
8. Upright Rows
9. Skull Crushers
10. Close Grip Floor PressImage12
11. Standing BB Curls
12. Squat BB Curls



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