Image15Workout for 11-12-2014
Music: 3 Doors Down

Did an interesting circuit.
I call it “Glute Emphasis” cause it is.
It is a buttcentric circuit.
Threw in some shoulder and arm stuff with it.
Why? Cause I like doing shoulder and arm stuff!

First: Glutes Emphasis CircuitImage4

15 Stations, 3 Cycles, Reps: 30, 20, 10

First couple of cycles this was kinda tough.
The last cycle, at 10 reps, was a piece of cake!

1. Chair Bridges
2. Chair Squats Ball Overhead
3. Keg Bridges
4. Small Keg BridgesImage7
5. Chair One Leg Squats
6. Chair One Leg Bridges
7. Keg Leg Curls
8. Standing Band Hip Extensions
9. KB Swings
10. Bench Step Ups
11. DB Curls
12. BB Curls
13. Pushdowns
14. Triceps Bench DipsImage2
15. Plate Upright Rows

Second: Core/Abs

Just 900 reps.
Not too hard!

Crunches 100
Leg Raises 100
Side Leg Raises 100 Each SideImage20
Seated Leg Raises 100
Hands to Feet Crunches 100
Knees to Elbows 100
Lemon Squeezers 100
Side Crunches 100



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