Arms Emphasis Circuit Workout

Posted: November 24, 2014 in Body Weight, Circuit Training, Core, Exercise, fitness, High Intensity
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Image12Workout for 11-22-2014
Music: Heart
T-Shirt: TakoSushi

Another chilly Saturday morning at the warehouse.
Quite a few folks missed it this AM.

I don’t blame them!
Of Course it wasn’t really that cold but…
These are the days for dressing in layers.Image11

Couple friends on Facebook (Deep and Ashim) were kidding around a bit about biceps being King in India compared to the bench in the US.

I’m not a big bencher but I do like arm work…so we did some arms.
And for probably the first time in years I included forearm work.

First and Only: Arms Emphasis CircuitImage18

10 Stations, 6 Cycles
Reps: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 10

DB Curls
Reverse EZ Bar Curls
Wrist Curls
Triceps Push Downs
BB Curls
Push Ups on Swiss BallImage19
Tube Curls
Incline Leg Raises
Sit Ups
Straight Bar Reverse Curls

Freaking arms were toast!
It was difficult getting my gloves off…not to mention driving home!

Will probably do something like this again!



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