Image15Workout for 12-1-2014
Music: Alice Cooper, Heart
T-Shirt: South Park, Happy Holidays

Today was just a “conditioning” day.
Conditioning for what?
Nothing specific.
How about just for life in general?
Works for us!

First: Conditioning DrillsImage1

For lack of a better “title”.

We did 15 exercises, twice, with lateral shuffles in between.

Push Ups
Sit Ups
Leg Raises
Walk Out Push Ups
Lunges L/R
Jump Squats
Diamond Push Ups
MTN Climbers Forward
MTN Climbers To Hand
MTN Climbers TwistingImage6
Push Ups Wide
Push Ups Close

Second: Variations of Grass Drills

That’s what we called them in southern high school football.
When I lived in Colorado we called them squat thrusts or burpees.Image17
Hell, I had no idea what the coach was talking about when he called out for “grass drills”!

They were just as bad as I remembered.
So “bad” I think we’ll be doing some more of these!

Regular 2 Reps
Regular with Lunge JumpsImage13
Two Tiered
Regular with Cobra Push Ups

Broke a sweat on that one!!



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