Image7Workout for 12-3-2014
Music: AC/DC
T-Shirt: AC/DC

Another day to move and burn some energy!
Today was another kind of “conditioning” day.
Same question: Conditioning for what?
As far as we’re concerned: Life.
The more you move, the more you live.
The more you stay still, the more you die…

First and Only: Kettle Bell Swings and Body Weight Exercises

I had a list of 15 Exercises. Image2
We got through 9 of them.
We started with KB Swings for 20 Seconds, then a set of an exercise.

We did 4 sets of each exercise.
After every set, another 20 Seconds of KB Swings.
A lotta swingin goin on…

Chair Squats 4 sets 20Image5
Push Ups 4 sets 20
Crunches 4 sets 20
Feet On Chair Push Ups 4 sets 15
Leg Raises 4 sets 20
Jump Squats 4 sets 10
Diamond Push Ups 4 sets 10
Chair One Leg Squats 4 sets 10 Each Side
Burpees 4 sets 10




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