Image15Workout for 12-8-2014
Music: Santana then a bunch of other stuff
T-Shirt: Ultimate Fighter

More “conditioning” stuff today.
We never get bored.
Something different every time.
A bunch of body weight stuff until we got to the ab/core work.
Started out all bundled up but things heated up fast!Image1

First: Agility Ladder Drills

Something to get the blood flowing on a cool evening.
We do them occasionally.
Not sure if we are any more “agile” but at least we can move!

Second: InchwormsImage5

Done with one push up…
Then two push ups…
Then three push ups…
Then four push ups…

Third: Squats and Push Ups

Chair Squats
“Super Setted” WithImage7
Feet on Chair Push Ups

First 25 Reps Each
Then 24 Reps Each
Then 23 Reps Each
…and on down to 15 Reps Each

Fourth: More Squat Stuff

But not too much.Image9

Chair Jump Squats 20
Chair One Leg Squats 20 Each Leg

Fifth: Push Up Variations

Regular 10
Wide 10
Hand In, Hand Out 5 Each Side
Cobra 10Image11
Hands Over Head 10
Rotation 10

Sixth: Grass Drills

Here you “chop” your feet quickly in place.

Then hit the ground and pop back up. Takes your breath away!

Jump 180 (Two Tiered)

Seventh: Medicine Ball Abs/Core

9 Balls, 6 – 20 Pounds

Ball Overhead Seated Leg Raises 10 Each Ball
Crunches Ball Between Knees 10 Each BallImage17
Ball Overhead, In One Hand, Seated Leg Raises 5 Each Hand, Each Ball


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