Image25Workout for 12-10-2014.

Music: Collective Soul.
T-shirt: JONES

The evening started off chilly.
Again this is the time for dressing in layers.
Rare will be the day we keep everything on we came in with.
And that is no problem with us!Image2

First: Agility Ladder Drills

We do this mostly during the colder months.
Hence today.
Heck sometimes we’ve turned the entire workout in to agility ladder variations!

Second: DB Ladders

DB Pairs from 15 – 55 poundsImage6
5 Reps for each set

DB Overhead Presses

For the squats, we went “up and down” the ladder.
For the presses, we just went “up the ladder”.

Third: Moving Push UpsImage10

And now for something different!

Twisting Backward Down the Lane
Plank to Push Up and Roll
Rolling to Push Up

Fourth: Mountain Climbers

“Tabata” StyleImage12

As fast as you can for 20 seconds, then a 10 second break. Then repeat 8 times.

Fifth: Quickie Barbell Workout

11 Exercises, 25 Reps Each
Use either a 25 pound or a 45 pound bar.

Heel Raises
Good Mornings
Barbell Rows
Straight Leg Deadlifts
Upright Rows
Overhead Press
Floor Press
Bar To Toes Crunches
Skull Crushers
Barbell Curls




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