Body Weight Supersets!

Posted: January 6, 2015 in Body Weight, Core, Exercise, fitness, Push ups
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Image5Workout for 12-20-2014
T-Shirt: Grand Funk Railroad
Music: Twisted Sister

Bunch of body weight stuff today.
Sometimes you just gotta use your body as your gym!
And today was one of those days!

And you can do this at home!!
First: Chair Squats and Chair Push UpsImage1

1 Squat and 1 Incline Push Up
2 Squats and 2 Incline Push Ups
3 Squats and 3 Incline Push Ups
Until we hit 20 Each

Second: 1 Leg Squat and Chair Bridges

1 One Leg Squat and 1 BridgeImage3
2 One Leg Squats and 2 Bridges
3 One Leg Squats and 3 Bridges
Until we hit 15 Each

Third: Press Ups and Crunches

1 Press Up and 1 Crunch
2 Press Ups and 2 Crunches
3 Press Ups and 3 CrunchesImage8
Until we hit 15 Each




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