Image7Workout for 12-17-2014
Music: Some stuff Randy has layin around…
T-Shirt: F Bombs

We haven’t done a birthday workout in a long time.
Maybe we should have waited for someone a little younger!
This was one difficult buggar!

Probably one of the few workouts we “didn’t finish”.
There were literally hundreds of push ups in this one!Image2

First: Agility Ladder

Just to warm up a bit.
Heck if we didn’t do these we might have finished the workout.
On the other hand…I’m glad we did these first!

Second: Mountain Climbers and Push UpsImage5

10 Mountain Climbers
1 Push Up

10 Mountain Climbers
2 Push Ups

10 Mountain Climbers
3 Push Ups…(There is a pattern here!) up to 61(the magic birthday number!)Image6

We were supposed to get up to 61 pushups but I could tell we were running out of time.
So when we hit 48 pushups the next set we jumped up to 61 pushups and worked our way down. We made it to about 56 pushups so we weren’t far off from finishing.

This is one of those that looked much easier on paper!




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