Nothing But Abs!

Posted: January 7, 2015 in Body Weight, Core, Exercise, fitness, Medicine Balls
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Image21Workout for 12-27-2014
T-Shirt: Merry Christmas and A Happy New Beer!
Music: Funk Stuff

Nothing but abs today.

Why? Well…that’s what I wanted to do today.

That about sums it up!

First: 19 Ab StuffsImage1

1. Crunches 50
2. Side Lying Side Crunches 50 Each Side
3. Supine Side Slides 50
4. Leg Raises Upper Quarter 50
5. Leg Raises Bottom Quarter 50
6. Leg Raises Mid-Upper Quarter 50
7. Leg Raises Mid-Lower Quarter 50Image7
8. Leg Raises Top to Bottom 50
9. Side Leg Raises 50 Each Side
10. Supine Leg Raise Side Slides 50
11. Windmills 50
12. Side Upper/Lower Raises 50 Each Side
13. Elbows to Knees 50
14. V Leg/Hand to Feet Crunches 50 Each Side
15. Feet to Ceiling/Hand to Feet Crunches 50
16. Supine Side Crunches 50 Each Side
17. Hands Up The Middle Crunches 50Image14
18. Knee to Opposite Elbow 50 Each Side
19. Hand to Opposite Foot From Floor 50 Each Side

Second: Medicine Ball Abs

9 Balls, 6 – 20 pounds

Seated Leg Raises 10 Reps Each Ball
Sit Up Twists 3 Reps Each Ball
Ball Between Knees Crunches 5 Reps Each BallImage17
Ball In One Hand Crunches 10 Reps Each Ball
Ball In One Hand/Seated Leg Raises 10 Reps Each Ball
Seated Twists/Legs Off Floor 10 Reps Each Ball
Rocking Sit Ups 5 Reps Each Ball
Side Crunches Ball In One Hand 10 Reps Each Ball


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