Today’s Theme “100”!

Posted: January 11, 2015 in Body Weight, Core, Exercise, High Intensity
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Image20Workout for 1-10-2015
Music: Variety of Stuff and then…Metallica!
T-Shirt: Coors Light

A chilly, chilly Saturday morning!
But it’ll warm up soon.
There’s a “theme” today.
“100”…reps for everything we do.

Started off “easy” enough.
Then escalated!Image2

First: Chair Abs/Core

Leg Raises 100
Lemon Squeezers 100
Crunches 100
Bridges 100
Flutter Kicks 100
Legs Side to Side 100
One Knee Bent, Other Straight Leg Raises 100Image5
Figure 4 Leg Raises 100

Second: Plate and Chair Exercises

Now this was tough!!

Squat and Overhead Plate Press 100 reps
Squat and Plate Twist 100 reps
Squat Hugging a Plate 100 repsImage13

Third: Back to Abs/Core

And tough continues…

Plate Overhead Seated Leg Raises 100
Plate Overhead Legs Side to Side 100



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