Unilateral Dumbbell Ladders

Posted: January 18, 2015 in Core, Exercise, fitness, Shoulders
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Image14Workout for 1-14-2015
Music: Black Stone Cherry
T-Shirt: I Found This Humerus.

Med folks will understand the shirt.
So today we hit the weights again.
Still changing it up every day.

Cause we’re not tied to dogma.

DB Ladders…
We’ve done these before but not like this!Image1

First: DB Squat

DBs from 10 to 55 Pounds
1 rep, 1 arm, Repeat 4 times total
And move up the ladder

This makes you squat more times and doing the unilateral stuff makes your body “think” a bit more of what’s going on.Image5

Stimulates the core as well to stabilize the body.

Second: DB Clean and Press

Clean the DB to the shoulder and shove it overhead.
That’s it.
But you still have to squat down between each rep, pick up the other DB, and continue through all the sets of DBs.Image8

Third: DB Curls

Squat down, pick up the DB, curl it to the shoulder, bend/squat down, pick up the other DB, and continue.

Fourth: DB Stiff Leg Dead Lifts

Bend over, knees straight, pick up one DB, stand, lower, repeat on the other side.Image13

Fifth: DB Curl and Press

Combo movement of three things.
Squat, pick up DB, curl DB, press DB overhead, squat down, pick up other DB, and repeat.

Sixth: DB Rows

Too easy on this one. That’s why it’s toward the end.Image21

Seventh: Goblet Squats

Harder than I thought it was going to be. Probably from all the squatting!




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