Lowers Emphasis Mobility Stuff

Posted: January 29, 2015 in Body Weight, Exercise, fitness, Glutes
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Image19Workout for 1-24-2015
Music: Black Sabbath
T-Shirt: Average Joe’s Gymnasium

Still smartin’ from the last workout.
It was unexpected but that session not only hit the abs but also the lowback, the obiques, the hip flexors, adductors, triceps, lats, and chest.

We’ll have to do something like that again!Image1
Just not anytime soon.

First: Agility Ladder Drills

Well, not for any special reason.
It was just too chilly to launch into anything else.

Second: Lower Mobility Stuff

High Knees ForwardImage3
High Knees Backward
High Knees Sideways

High Knees Forward ER
High Knees Backward ER
High Knees Sideways ER

High Kicks, Opposite Foot to Hand

Third: Working On TechniqueImage6

One Leg Squat, Opposite Knee Bent, Knee to Floor
One Leg Squat
Eccentric Pistol To Chair
Eccentric Pistol To Floor
Push Up Chest to Floor
Push Up Chest to Chair

Fourth: More Mobility StuffImage21

Wide Squat Walk Forward
Wide Squat Walk Backward

Forward Walk Hands to Toes
Backward Walk Hands to Toes
Sideways Walk Hands to Toes

Fifth: Organism Walks

Lizard Walk
Spiderman Walk




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