Body Weight and Bands Conditioning

Posted: November 24, 2015 in Body Weight, Core, Exercise, fitness, Glutes, High Intensity
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Image24Workout for 11-18-2015
Music: Dream Theater

No circuit and no weights today.
We used band resistance…on everything.
A big variety of exercises to play around with…


First: Chairs And BandsImage1

Gold Theraband Around Ankles
Keep Tension On At All Times
20 Reps For Every Move
Really Wide
Feet Just Outside Chair Legs
Feet Even With Chair Legs
Feet Just Inside Chair Legs
Chair Lunge Right
Chair Lunge LeftImage5
Right Foot In Front of Left
Left Foot In Front of Right
Butt Up
Jump Squats
Stand Hip Ext
Stand Hip Abd

Second: Bridges

Band Around AnklesImage12

Did 100 Reps

Third: Bands and Walking/Jumping

Knees Straight Walk Forward
Knees Straight Walk Backward
Knees Straight Walk Sideways

Athletic Position Walk SidewaysImage17
Athletic Position Walk Forward
Athletic Position Walk Backward

Front Lunge
Rear Lunge

Knees Straight,Twist, Walk Sideways
Athletic Position,Twist, Walk Sideways

Jump ForwardImage21
Jump Backward
Jump Sideways
Jump Up, Jump Out

Fourth: Abs With Bands

Keep the tension on the whole time!!

Seated Leg Raises 50
Crunches 50Image25
Bent Knee Raises 50
Straight Leg Raises 50
Feet to Ceiling, Hand to Feet 50
Lemon Squeezers 50
Seated Leg Raise, L Higher Than R 50
Seated Leg Raise, R Higher Than L 50
Reverse Crunches 50
Supine Hip Ups 50
Leg Raise Crunches 50
Randy Rockers 10




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