Image28Workout for 4-18-2016

T-Shirt:  A Totem Pole??

Music: Queen

Finally getting around to putting workouts online again.

Yep…still worked out…still filmed…just didn’t publish.

But hey…I’m back!

Well…for now!Image1

All body weight stuff today. A bit of vestibular stuff as well.

The heart rate was raised higher than it has been in a while.

Not that the workouts we’ve done were easy.

We just haven’t done something like this in a long time!


Inchworms with 1 push up then 2 up to 4

Long Lunges

Roll Arms Overhead

Short Lunges

Roll Arms At SideImage4

Side Lunges

Roll Arms Under Chest

Rear Lunges


Push Up Side WalkingImage11

Push Up Side Roll Butt Off Floor

Push Up Side Roll Butt On Floor


Lunge Hops

Side Lunge HopsImage6

Jump Up, Jump Out

Side Hops

Side Twist Hops

Backwards Hops

Crab Walk ForwardImage18


Jump Up, Jump Out, Burpee

Crab Walk Backward

Backwards Hop, Burpee

Crab Walk SidewaysImage13


Mountain Climber, Push Up, Roll

Mountain Climber, Push Up, Jump, Roll


Burpee, Sideways HopImage17

Seated Leg Raises, Roll




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