Image17Workout for 5-2-2016

T-Shirt: Tis but a Scratch!

Music: KISS

A bit of a different circuit today.

Of course they are all different.

No emphasis much today except sweat!Image8

Round One:

19 Things to do, 10 Reps Each

  • Bridges on a Big Medicine Ball
  • Small Wheel Rollouts
  • Dual Wheel Flyes
  • Kettle Bell SwingsImage6
  • DB Curls
  • DB Press
  • Bridges on Swiss Ball
  • Triceps Band Extensions
  • Biceps Band Curls
  • Bridges on Foam
  • Small Wheel Rollouts, Just the extended portionImage1
  • Bridges on a Small Medicine Ball
  • BB Curls
  • Push Up, Drag Keg Across
  • Bridges on a Chair
  • Bridges on a Keg
  • Skateboard Leg Curls
  • Bridges on a Medium Size BallImage2
  • Hands on Plates Push Ups

Round Two:

Same 19 Things to do,

12 Reps, Wheels 10 Reps

Round Three:

Still the same 19 Things to do.Image13

12 Reps, Wheels still 10 Reps

And 10 Lateral hops after each station

Round Four:

And still the same 19 Things to do.

8 Reps, Wheels only 5 RepsImage11

And 5 burpees after each station




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