Workout for 7-18-2018

T-Shirt: 100% Chance of Beer

Music: Bunch of different versions of Brown Eyed Girl

Some people/trainers/physical therapist make such a big deal about “functional training”. So I decided to throw a “functional training” session in for everyone.

It’s really not much difference than anything else. I mean…basically everything can be functional.

Working out/exercise should be fun. Moving around should be fun. I’m guessing we are putting the “fun” in “functional”!!

First: 20 Stations “Functional” Circuit


  1. BB Stiff Legged Deadlifts – “Hinging”, Bending over, lifting off floor, gripping, pulling
  2. Single Leg Squat w/KB – Squatting, balance, core
  3. Side kick over chair – Kicking, balance, core, hip mobility
  4. DB Deadlifts/Squats – Squatting, deadlifting, core, gripping
  5. Slide board – Balance, lateral movement, coordination, core
  6. “Suitcase Carry” 44 or 60 lb – Core, unilateral carrying, balance, grip
  7. Medball Pickup/Overhead – Lifting from floor to overhead
  8. Standing Plate Push – Pushing, reaching (for a big mug of beer), grip, core
  9. Chair Squat, 1 hand med ball – Squatting, core, shoulder stabilization
  10. BAS – Punching, twisting
  11. Aerobic Step – Lateral movement, quick movement
  12. Push ups/Feet on chair – Pushing, core, shoulder stabilization
  13. Basketball dribble – Coordination
  14. Med Ball Toss – Squatting, Ball tossing, core/shoulder stabilization, catching
  15. Pre-school Chair Squat Jumps – Squatting, jumping, power
  16. Front kick over chair – Kicking, balance, hip mobility
  17. Run up/down steps – Climbing stairs, quick motion
  18. Juggle – Hand/eye coordination, brain stimulation/growth
  19. Inverted Row – Pulling, grip, core
  20. Batting – Twisting, Impact


Push up and Roll, L/R – core, shoulder stabilization, pushing, vestibular system, getting on/off the floor

10 reps each station, 2 reps for the push up/roll

Run/Jog after entire circuit…this works on putting one foot in front of the other…


Second: 20 Stations “Functional” Circuit


Same 20 stations, 5 reps each station

Blow up a balloon 2 times after each station…you wouldn’t believe the effect of just blowing up a balloon a couple of times after every station. What functional activity does it help? Well for one: blowing up a balloon!

Run/Jog after entire circuit…helps with…you figure it out…


Third: Body weight stuff


  • Inchworms with 1 Push up
  • Inchworms with 1 Cobra Push Up
  • Crawl on Hands and Knees
  • Long Lunges
  • Bear Crawl
  • Rolling on Floor
  • Jump Up/Jump Out
  • Butt Roll
  • Belly Crawl
  • Burpee Broad Jumps
  • Back Crawl
  • Frogger Jumps


You get some “power” going with the jumping, your vestibular system gets kicked around with the rolling, your integumentary system (skin) gets stimulated with the crawling and rolling, the nervous system gets kicked around as well from…well…just about everything!!

Fourth: Stick Horse Galloping


Just for the hell of it. Because I had one horse and a bunch of PVC pipes. Stimulates the inner child and your sense of humor.

Just try doing this without smiling or laughing!


Fifth: Stretching


Functional…kinda…you ever have to really reach for something?

And we stretched with a beverage of choice: Water or Beer




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