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25th workout of the year, 2/28/2011.

Music: Van Halen. T-Shirt: Some goofy parrot t-shirt…reminds me of Jimmy Buffett…that we don’t workout to…at least not in the gym.

The last workout was definitely a massacre. Most of us survived but not unscathed.

So how do we make today more special?

How about doing something new, something old and something in between?

What is “in between”? Something we haven’t done often.

First: Inchworms

Something Old.

Two pushups at every layout. 25 Yards.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? It isn’t!

Especially when we did it again but did 10 pushups at every layout…at least most of us did. Some are still working up the intensity ladder.

Second: Low Hurdle Drills

Something In Between

We’ve done these before just not often.

Works on foot work, balance, coordination, quickness.

Check the video!

Third: Ground Up Push Ups

4 Sets 25 Reps

Something Old.

Simply a push up but from the ground up.

After you do hit the ground raise your hands off the ground then press up. The slight pause gives a bit of a stretch to the chest…as well as forcing your body to do the full motion.

Fourth: Bottoms Up Squats

4 Sets 25 Reps

Something In Between.

Get in a rock bottom squat position. Keep your fingers or palms on the floor. Then straighten your legs as far as you can then return to rock bottom. This will hit the quads and glutes a bit different than regular body weight squats.

The added plus is the hamstring stretch you’ll get.

Fifth: Core/Abs: Medicine Ball Orbits

Something New.

Sure we’ve used the medicine balls many times before but we have never done this particular movement.

You keep your legs up, slightly bent knees. Do a sit up and pass the ball from one hand to the next under your knees.

Repeat the process. 5 reps on each side for 14 balls.

Doesn’t look like much on paper…so try it in real life.

You’ll be sorry you did…but in a good way!