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113TH workout of the year, 11/14/2011.

Music: None. T-Shirt: Random MMA.

Since we are not under daylights savings, it will continue to be on the darkside while we do the outdoor, playground workouts.

Still not complaining.

At least we have places to go, weather permitting.

New place coming soon!

First: Picnic Table Step Overs

All you need is a picnic table.

  • You step up onto the bench.
  • Then onto the table.
  • Walk across the table.
  • Then step down onto the bench and floor.

The tables available have high benches.

Makes it tough on the short legged people (me)!

Do this 50 times.

Second: Picnic Table Side Step Overs

Get a picnic table.

  • You side step up onto the bench.
  • Then onto the table.
  • Walk across the table sideways.
  • Then side step down onto the bench and floor.

Do this 50 times.

Third: Push Ups Stuff!

5 Cycles

Decline Push Ups 10

Incline Push Ups 20

Fourth: Playground!

More fun stuff on the playground equipment.

Climb on.

Slide down Slide 1.

Run 25 yards.

Climb up a ladder.

Across the Shaky bridge.

Down Slide 2.

Run 10 yards to the beginning.

Repeat 6 times.

Fifth: Core/Abs

Oh Crap!!

I forgot to turn on the camera!

Not that you missed great footage or anything.

But still, crap!

How about a picture of the new place?

Anyway we did:

Reverse Leg Raises 25

Seated Leg Raises 25

4 Cycles



112th workout of the year, 11/13/2011.

Music: None. Sweat-Shirt: Burgundy.

T-Shirt: That’s What She Said.

We are still doing the outdoor, playground workouts.

This is not a complaint. These have been great conditioning sessions.

Today was one of the best ones.

We went to a different playground today.

It had more things to play on, plus there were a bunch of big rocks to play with as well.

And play we did!

First: Warm Up

We don’t always do a warm up. Today we did because it was the way up to the playground.

It was a jog up a long hill.

One of these days that hill will become part of the workout!

Second: Stairs/Steps

Running stairs are always a great conditioning exercise.

Since they were there, we used them.

25 times, up and down.

Third: Playground Piece 1

Climb up a Chain Ladder.

Get over it.

Run 25 Yards.

Repeat this 6 times.

Fourth: Playground Piece 2

Climb up big slide.

Slide down.

Run 25 yards.

Repeat this 6 times.

Oh and this slide was fast.

Well, at least the first few times for some reason!

Fifth: Balance Walk

The playground was surrounded by big PVC pipes.

It looked like a perfect place to cool down a bit while “working” on balance.

It had to be at least 50 yards if not more.

Sixth: Balance Walk with a rock.

There were plenty of rocks to play with.

For this exercise, we grabbed a rock, and held it as we did our little balance walk for about 25 yards.

Then we repeated it again. Some of us holding the rock overhead.

Rocks, great workout equipment!

Seventh: Through The Swings

We grabbed the swings and hopped through the chains.

We did it again but hopping forward and backward.

While not the hardest thing we’ve ever done, it is harder than it looks.

Eighth: Playground Piece 3

Climb up a Chain Ladder.

Get over it.

Run 25 Yards.

Climb up a Chain Ladder.

Then go up the first ladder.

Repeat this 6 times.

Ninth: Core/Abs

Seated Leg Raises on Swings 6 x 20

Seated Rock Twists 6 Reps Each Rock

Seated Leg Raises Rock Overhead 10 Reps Each Rock


110th workout of the year, 11/8/2011.

Music: Eric Clapton. T- Shirt: Some random MMA t-shirt. (Heck does it really matter? It was almost too dark to see it anyway. Not that it really makes a difference, not getting any sponsors…yet!)

Eerie picture though!

We scouted out a few outdoor places to continue our little exercise fests. I guess we’ll be outdoors until we get a place to “call our own”.

Not a problem. There are plenty of parks in which to play.

With the time change…darkness prevails.

But we don’t give in. We had a few flashlights here and there.

Just another walk in the park?

I don’t think so!

First: Squats

Regular Body Weight Squats 2 x 50

Single Leg Squats 50 Each Leg

Second: Push Ups

Incline 25 Reps

Decline 10 Reps

4 Cycles

Third: Short Monkey Bars

3 Trips Across

Fourth: Playground One

Hard to explain playing around.

Well first you climb on to the thing.

Then you take a slide down.

Run for about 25 yards.

Then you do it all over again.

We did this 3 times.

Fifth: Playground Two

Still playing around.

Ya gotta climb on to the thing.

Then you gotta crawl through the “habitrail” part.

Once you get out of that you run across the shaky bridge then down the slide.

Run for 25 yards and repeat the process 3 times.

Sixth: Playground Three

More stuff added to the “playing”.

First you climb on then go over the shaky bridge.

Take a slide down and run to the other side of the gym piece.

Climb back on and go through the “habitrail”.

Jump Off and run for 25 Yards.

Then do it all again 3 times.

Seventh: Core/Abs

Seated Lemon Squeezers 50

Seated Leg Raises 50