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Image25Workout for 5/21/2014

Music: John Fogerty.

T-shirt: Working Class Fitness.

Got to wear my Working Class Fitness T-Shirt (Thanks Matt!) while I took a trip to some older JONESERCISE workouts.
We haven’t done any “suicide” drills in a long time so I put some in there.


A few years ago we started doing some dumbbell complexes. Randy can up with the “Ultimates” and then the “Ultimate Ultimates”. Then I came up with the “Death Drills”…essentially just more movements with the dumbbells.

Today we have “The Most Ultimate Death Drill”!

First: “Suicide” Drill

I guess you could call this a warm up?!
Did it with 45 pound plates across the concrete.Image6
Made a lot of noise.
Everyone got in 3 runs.

Second: The Most Ultimate Death Drill Dumbbell Complex.

23 movements = 1”Set”
We did 10 “Sets”!

Actually on the last “set” we did 3 reps on each movement…Image8
Not a real good reason for it.
We just did it!

1. Controlled Squat
2. Sprawl
3. Push up
4. Push up position DB Row
5. Push up position DB Row reach across belly
6. Floor pressImage23
7. Bridge Floor Press
8. One Leg Bridge Floor Press
9. Triceps ext
10. DB Sit Up
11. Seated Press
12. Move to Full Squat position
13. Jump
14. Rear Lateral
15. CurlImage16
16. Upright Row
17. Side Lateral
18. Front Raises
19. Overhead Press
20. Long Lunge
21. Short Lunge
22. Standing DB Row
23. Stiff legged Deadlift



26 Suicide Drills

Posted: September 25, 2011 in Body Weight, Core, Exercise, fitness
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94th workout of the year, 9/21/2011.

Music: The Beatles. T- Shirt: Led Zeppelin.

It’s one of those days again.

You know. One of those “number dedicated” days.

The magic number today is “26”.

But 26 just isn’t set up to be such a hard number in the workout.

So how do we make it harder?


Sure that would work. But we’ve done quite a bit of these over the past few times.

How about something equally as devastating?

Suicide Drills!


We’ve done them before…

But not 26 of them!

But first some medicine ball Core/Abs stuff.

In a seated position with knees bent you pass the ball under your knees 26 times. Yep. 26 times. It is harder than it sounds. Especially when you use 11 Balls!!

The comes the Suicide Drills. Yep. 26 of them!!


73rd workout of the year, 7/13/2011.

Music: Deep Purple. T-Shirt: Magnum (the ice cream not the other thing).

Still some residual soreness. But not so much from the circuit training last time but still from the core/ab stuff from several days ago!

So time for something different. It looks short in writing but it was a big time sweat producer!

First: Core/Abs

11 Medicine Balls

Sit Up/Twist 5 Reps Pass the ball to the right

Crunch Ball In One Hand 5 Reps each hand then pass to the right

Leg Raises Ball In One Hand Arm Extended 5 Reps in each hand then pass to the right

Second: Push Up Position Walking

Over 11 Medicine Balls

With Push Up Between Each Ball

2 Cycles

Push Up on the balls

2 Cycles

Third: Ball Slam/Weighted Jump Rope Circuit

30 Second Max Reps, 11 Stations

Fourth: Ball Slam/Burpee Circuit

3 Ball Slams/5 Burpees

11 Balls

Fifth: Burpee With Push Up On Ball

11 Balls, 2 Reps Each Ball

Finisher: Furniture Slide Suicides

2 of them. Yep TWO!


26th workout of the year, 3/2/2011.

Music: Rolling Stones. T-Shirt: Rolling Stones

Not a “politically correct” post title. Never planned it to be. It is what it is. Like I said before “suicides” have been a traditional drill in athletics that’s what we did and that is what the title shall be.

We’ve done an all suicide drill workout before but not like this one. Our track is about 25 yards long so we divided that up x 3.

Yep it was tough. It always feels good to know that no matter how tough the workout is…it’s only a workout…only a number.

No reason to whine, complain, bitch…cause we’re gonna to it anyway.

Crazy? Maybe.

Intense? Absolutely!

First: Sled Suicides

Get a sled.

Put a 45 or 25 pound plate on it. Push the sled as quick as you can.

Second: Monster Hops Forward With Theraband

You get the strongest theraband that theraband makes: Gold. You make a loop and tie it off. Put it around your ankles and take off.

The hopping is bad enough but having to keep tension on the band…well that just adds more fuel to the fire!

Third: Monster Hops Backward With Theraband

The same as #2 but going backward. A whole different dynamic!!

Fourth: Monster Hops Sideways With Theraband

I guess you could say this was the same as #2 but going sideways. There I said it!

Fifth: Backpedal/Forward Suicide

All done with the theraband work. Now just a “regular type” suicide. We still have a little catch here. You’ll backpedal first then sprint forward. The legs were really feeling a bit odd after doing everything with the bands.

Sixth: Sideways Suicides

Like the sideways theraband suicides but without the theraband!

Seventh: Furniture Slide Suicides

Lowe’s has furniture slides for about 10 bucks. After you get some do this: bend over put your hands on the slides and take off!

Yep pretty simple and on the rails for the Vomit Express!

Eighth: Core/Abs

Just for the heck of it.

  1. Crunches 100
  2. Leg Raises 100
  3. Seated Leg Raises 100


23rd workout of the year, 2/23/2011.

Music: From Zero and Atreyu. T-Shirt: Superman.

The Plate and Monster Walk Workout was awesome! Gonna have to do something like it again…not exactly the same but like it!

And Now For Something Different:

First: Some Circuit Training!

It’s been a while since we did a regular circuit so the body probably wasn’t expecting it. On the other hand the way we train the body is kinda ready for anything. And “anything” is what is expected!

8 stations, 30 seconds each for Max reps. 3 cycles.

  1. DB Press
  2. BB Curls
  3. Plate Pullthroughs
  4. Plate Upright Rows
  5. Vertimax Laterals
  6. Ab Pullins
  7. Inverted Rows
  8. Step Ups

Next: A return to Joe Hashey’s Push Up Challenge.

This was every way just as hard as the first time we did it. I’m kinda thinking that doing it after the circuit training may not be the best idea…or maybe it is!

This challenge hits the entire body. The core really gets engaged…along with everything else.

Minute 1 – 1 Pushups every 5 seconds
Minute 2 – 1 Pushups every 10 seconds
Minute 3 – 1 Pushups every 15 seconds
Minute 4 – 1 Pushups every 20 seconds
Minute 5 – 1 Pushups every 15 seconds
Minute 6 – 1 Pushups every 10 seconds
Minute 7 – 1 Pushups every 5 seconds

Last: A Variety of Suicide Finishers

  1. Furniture slide suicides
  2. BackPedal/Burpee/Forward
  3. BackPedal/Jump/Forward
  4. Back Pedal/Forward

This is the workout for 12-20-2010.

I thought “The 12 Days of Fitness” would be kind of a cool theme.

It just looked too easy on paper. What the heck. We could try it. If it was too easy we could always add some burpees!

It wasn’t easy.

It started up “slowly”…like a warm up.

Then it ramped up with vigor and ended up being a workout worth repeating!

Just not anytime soon…

Music: Twisted Sister. T-Shirt: Tony Robbins.

The workout is based on the Christmas carol “The 12 Days of Christmas”.

When making the workout I wasn’t too concerned with what the exercises were but only that the syllables were close enough just in case someone wanted to sing it out loud.

So here we go!

  • On the first Day of Christmas my true love gave to me a Suicide Going Backwards And Forwards.
  • On the second Day of Christmas my true love gave to me Two Wide Pushups and a Suicide Going Backwards And Forwards.
  • On the third Day of Christmas my true love gave to me Three Burpees, Two Wide Pushups and a Suicide Going Backwards and Forwards.

And You get the picture…12 Suicide Drills along with a lot of other body breaking stuff! And yes we did the work out just like the song.

The reps kept adding up while the sweat kept pouring off!

Fast Forward and here is the rest of the story (workout).

On the 12th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me:

  • Twelve Parallel Squat Jumps
  • Eleven Walkout Pushups
  • Ten Knees To Elbows
  • Nine Cobra Pushups
  • Eight Mountain Climbers
  • Seven Ground Up Pushups
  • Six One Leg Bridges
  • Five Diamond Pushups
  • Four Leg Raises
  • Three Burpees
  • Two Wide Pushups
  • And A Suicide Going Backwards And Forwards!

The 12 Days of Fitness got us 449 reps of stimulating stuff!

More: We had a little more time left so we needed a filler.

  • Squats 100

Core/Abs with Medicine Balls:

  • Sit up and side to side, 5 reps and pass the ball to the right
  • Seated Leg Raises with ball overhead, 10 reps and pass the ball to the right

And the Video:

This is the workout for 10/20/2010.

I was at a continuing education seminar so we missed a few days.

Kind of a “forced” recovery week as it’s been that long since our last gut wrenching get together.

It didn’t seem like we “lost” much with a week off as we launched into a workout that was just as tough as any other.

Lots of the salty sweat pouring profusely off our brows.

Music by: Saliva. T-shirt: Some cheap Halloween t-shirt (glows in the dark!).

First: Inchworms with 10 push ups at the layout for 25 yards.

This was followed by Table Walks for another 25 yards. Not bad for a “warm up”. Plenty of core work as well.

Second: Squats, Ground up Push ups, Burpees.

One after the other after the other after the other after the other…10 sets of 10 reps for all of them. Yep you read that right. Add it up. 100 reps each.

Third: A couple of things we’ve never done before. I’m always searching or coming up with different things to do.

Easy things don’t make it back into the program. Harder things stick around for more.

The “offset” squats are just squatting with one foot on a chair and the other on the floor.

For the “Sumo Foot Lift” you get into the low squat position and “simply” lift one foot without coming out of the squat.

  1. Off set squat on chair 50 Each Side
  2. Sumo Squat Foot Lift 25 Each Side

Fourth: Chair Squat Jumps. 5 sets of 10.

Simply sit on a chair, lift both feet, slam them to the ground and take off!

Fifth: Some medicine ball core/ab stuff. 8 balls varying weights from 4 to 12 pounds.

Sit up, tap ball side to side, 5 reps and pass the ball to the right.

Ball in one hand crunch, 5 reps each side and pass the ball to the right.

Sixth: We could have just done a bunch more ab/core stuff.

But why not do some “finishers” to really get the heart pumping?!

  1. Slider Suicides
  2. Backpedal/Forward Suicides

And the whole video: