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Image32Workout for 5-16-2016

T-Shirt: Spiderman

Music: Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Called this a Spidey Circuit just cause of my shirt!

Not too creative but some days are just like that!

This one throws in some body weight stuff along with some weights.Image1

And we change up the reps for blocks of time in todays workout.

First Round:

16 Stations

10 Reps Each Station

  1. Lying Triceps EZ ExtensionsImage2
  2. BB Curls
  3. Triceps DB Extensions
  4. DB Curls
  5. Plate Upright Rows
  6. Band Overhead Triceps Extensions
  7. Tube Curls
  8. Bench DipsImage3
  9. Squat Bar Curls
  10. Push Ups, Feet on Chair
  11. Jump Up/Jump Out
  12. Hammer Curls
  13. Sit Ups Tossing Medicine Ball In Air
  14. Incline Leg Raises
  15. Roman Chair w/Medicine BallImage13
  16. Inchworms

Second Round:

Same Stations as Round One.

This time we are doing maximum reps in 30 seconds for each station.

Wasn’t too much fun!Image22

Third Round:

Same Stations as Round One.

Again we are doing maximum reps in 30 seconds for each station.

And this time we will do 5 Burpees after each station.

Fourth Round:Image7

Still have some time left!

Gonna do exactly the same as the first round: 10 reps on everything.

Guess we could look at this as a “cool down”.



Image30Workout for 5-14-2016

T-Shirt: Trust Me A Jedi I Am

Music: Metallica

Another workout than could be done at  your house.

Just need a band around your ankles/lower legs.

We use Gold TheraBand.Image1

This color is the stiffest the company makes.

Lots of lower body work on this one!

First Round:

Stiff Leg Forward Walk

Stiff Leg Backward WalkImage4

Stiff Leg Sideways Walk

Forward Lunge

Backward Lunge

Athletic Position Sideways Walk

Athletic Position Forward WalkImage5

Athletic Position Backward Walk

Sideways Hops

Forward Hops

Backward Hops

Jump Up/Jump OutImage8

Second Round:


Push Ups Walk Sideways

Inchworms Backward

Push Up, RollImage14

Third Round:

Crab Walk Forward

Crab Walk Backward

Crab Walk Sideways

Fourth Round:Image18

Push Up Postion Side Hops

Inchworm Mountain Climber

Inchworm Frog Hop

Inchworm Frog Hop, Jump Up

Inchworm Forward, Jump 180, Inchworm Backward Jump 180Image20

Fifth Round:

Stiff Leg Sideways Walk with 180 Twist

Athletic Position Sideways Walk with 180 Twist

Athletic Position Sideways Walk with 180 Hop

Push Up Position Sideways Walk, Band Around WristsImage23

Push Up, Sideways Walk, Band Around Wrists


Image28Workout for 4-18-2016

T-Shirt:  A Totem Pole??

Music: Queen

Finally getting around to putting workouts online again.

Yep…still worked out…still filmed…just didn’t publish.

But hey…I’m back!

Well…for now!Image1

All body weight stuff today. A bit of vestibular stuff as well.

The heart rate was raised higher than it has been in a while.

Not that the workouts we’ve done were easy.

We just haven’t done something like this in a long time!


Inchworms with 1 push up then 2 up to 4

Long Lunges

Roll Arms Overhead

Short Lunges

Roll Arms At SideImage4

Side Lunges

Roll Arms Under Chest

Rear Lunges


Push Up Side WalkingImage11

Push Up Side Roll Butt Off Floor

Push Up Side Roll Butt On Floor


Lunge Hops

Side Lunge HopsImage6

Jump Up, Jump Out

Side Hops

Side Twist Hops

Backwards Hops

Crab Walk ForwardImage18


Jump Up, Jump Out, Burpee

Crab Walk Backward

Backwards Hop, Burpee

Crab Walk SidewaysImage13


Mountain Climber, Push Up, Roll

Mountain Climber, Push Up, Jump, Roll


Burpee, Sideways HopImage17

Seated Leg Raises, Roll



Image18Workout for 11-4-2015
T-Shirt: Does Your Physical Therapist Even Lift?
Music: The Police

Back to a bodyweight workout today.
Ironic that I wear a “lifting” shirt since it’s all bodyweight.
Eventually we’ll be using some weights again.
Won’t be long!

First: Agility Ladder Drills

A variety of foot movements just to get started.Image2
Not sure about getting more agile but it is “novel” motion!

Second: Crawling

A variety of crawling around on the floor!

Table Crawl
Backward Table Crawl
Sideways Table CrawlImage4
Hands and Knees
Bear Crawl
Belly Crawl
Push Up Position Crawls
On Back Crawl
Rolling to Plank
Rolling to Push Up Position

Third: Burpees and AbsImage10

Burpees 10
Reverse Crunches/Hip Up Combo
Burpees 10
Randy Rockers 10
Burpees 10
Leg Raises, Feet to Behind Head 10
Burpees 10
Sprinter Sit Up Bent Knee 10Image7
Burpees 10
Crunches w/Leg Raised 10
Burpees 10
Sprinter Sit Up Straight Knees 10
Burpees 10
Supine Right Hand to Left Foot 10
Burpees 10
Supine Left Hand to Right Foot 10
Burpees 10
Supine Hand to Feet Leg Raises 10Image13
Burpees 10


Get Off The Floor 10
Knee to Opposite Heel, Kneel, Stand 10 Each Side
Hop Up From Kneeling Position 10
Kneel, Sit Back and Stand 10


Image15Workout for 12-8-2014
Music: Santana then a bunch of other stuff
T-Shirt: Ultimate Fighter

More “conditioning” stuff today.
We never get bored.
Something different every time.
A bunch of body weight stuff until we got to the ab/core work.
Started out all bundled up but things heated up fast!Image1

First: Agility Ladder Drills

Something to get the blood flowing on a cool evening.
We do them occasionally.
Not sure if we are any more “agile” but at least we can move!

Second: InchwormsImage5

Done with one push up…
Then two push ups…
Then three push ups…
Then four push ups…

Third: Squats and Push Ups

Chair Squats
“Super Setted” WithImage7
Feet on Chair Push Ups

First 25 Reps Each
Then 24 Reps Each
Then 23 Reps Each
…and on down to 15 Reps Each

Fourth: More Squat Stuff

But not too much.Image9

Chair Jump Squats 20
Chair One Leg Squats 20 Each Leg

Fifth: Push Up Variations

Regular 10
Wide 10
Hand In, Hand Out 5 Each Side
Cobra 10Image11
Hands Over Head 10
Rotation 10

Sixth: Grass Drills

Here you “chop” your feet quickly in place.

Then hit the ground and pop back up. Takes your breath away!

Jump 180 (Two Tiered)

Seventh: Medicine Ball Abs/Core

9 Balls, 6 – 20 Pounds

Ball Overhead Seated Leg Raises 10 Each Ball
Crunches Ball Between Knees 10 Each BallImage17
Ball Overhead, In One Hand, Seated Leg Raises 5 Each Hand, Each Ball

Image18Workout for 11-10-2014
Music: Top Hits 1975

Just a bunch of different things tonight.
Guess you could call this a “conditioning workout”.
Or you could call it “Fred” if you wanted to.
Doesn’t really matter.
We could feel a different from beginning to end!

First: Warm Up?Image1

Not much of one. We don’t really do warm ups.

Agility Ladder
Then Hopping Over Some Stuff
Then Jumping Up and Jumping Out
Then Running About 100 Yards or so

Did this little “circuit” twice.Image7

Second: Monster Walks

Brought out the Gold Theraband.
Haven’t done this in a while.

Walk Knees Straight Small Steps Forward
Walk Knees Straight Small Steps Backward
Walk Knees Straight Small Steps SidewaysImage8

Lunge Forward
Lunge Backwards

Sideways Squat Walk

Third: Inchworms

Did these with one push up.Image9
Then two.
Then three.
Then four.
Then five.
That was more than enough of this!

Fourth: Chair Stuff

Squats 100
Feet On Chair Push Ups 25Image15
Feet On Chair Bridging 100
Chest To Chair Push Ups 25
One Leg Chair Squats 50 Each Leg
Crescent Kick Around Chair 15 Each Side

Fifth: Medicine Ball Core/Abs

9 Balls
6 – 24 PoundsImage22

Ball Overhead Seated Leg Raises 10 Each Ball
Ball Between Knee Crunches 5 Each Ball
Seated Twists Feet Up 3 Reps Each Ball
Sit Up Twists 3 Rep Each Ball
Ball Overhead One Hand Seated Leg Raises 10 Each Ball
Seated Figure 8s 3 Reps Each Ball


Image6Workout for: 10 27 2014
Music: Santana
T-shirt: I Got Your Back

Just like the title of the post…almost.
We included weights, crawling, lunging, and running. We also threw in some inchworms.

So most of this workout is bodyweight stuff.Image11

The crawling and the rolling are to make sure we can still do it. Those two also provide a minor break in the circuit.

Try it! You won’t like it!


DB Ladder Squats
Run 100 Yards


DB Ladder Presses
Run 100 Yards


DB Ladder Rows
Run 100 Yards


DB Ladder Triceps Extensions
Run 100 Yards


DB Ladder Short Lunges
Run 100 Yards


DB Ladder Curls
Run 100 Yards