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This is the JONESERCISE workout for 5/15/2010.

This was one of the most simple and effective workouts so far. Simple but tough.

The last time I wore my Capt. America shirt I hurt my back: I didn’t get injured this time but the workout did get everything sore the next day!

Music by: KORN. T-Shirt: Marvel’s Captain America. “Capt. America: The First Avenger” is scheduled to be released in 2011.

“Warm Up”: Inchworms and Long Lunges, 25 yards each. The inchworms have become less challenging…so to increase the intensity we added more push ups.

Next: Dumbbell Shoulder Push Press Ladder. The first time we did this was about a month ago. It was tough enough to bring back.

We took every dumbbell we had and put them on the track. We did 5 reps of each weight starting at 5 pound dumbbells and going up in increments of 5 pounds to 65. After we got to 65 we went back down from 65 pounders to 5.

The folks that couldn’t get up to the 65’s continued more reps with what they could handle. It ended up being grueling 13 sets total.

Next: The Push Press Ladder was so successful in its intensity that we did the same thing with Squats. So every dumbbell from a light 5 pounder all the way to 65 were used.

Again if someone couldn’t go all the way up they continued with a weight until all 13 sets were completed.

Core: Very simple progression here. Crunches and Push Ups. Yes. Push Ups do stimulate the core.

This was done in a “ladder” progression as well. We started at the” top of the ladder” with 25 crunches and 25 push ups. Then we descended to 24 crunches and 24 push ups. Are you picking up the pattern here?

We went all the way down to 15/15. The last 15 push ups were “jumping”…you push your whole body off the ground. Nice way to end a workout!

And the Video:


This is the workout for 4/21/2010. Another good one. Actually I can’t think of a bad one. Some are “harder” but they all have some degree of difficulty.

Music by: Me First and the Gimme Gimmes These guys have been around since 1995. The band is made up of people from several other punk bands. In essence they are a punk super group. They play cover songs only…and all done with their special vibe. T-Shirt: Well I guess you figured that out!

Warm Up: Burpees and Push Ups. We started with 15 of each and then dropped one rep with each progressive super set til the last set of 10. Yeah this will get your blood flowing!

Next: Clock Push Ups. You get in a push up position. Do a push up at the 12 o’clock position then hand walk to the 3 o’clock position then 6 and 9. We did 5 clockwise and 5 counterclockwise. It doesn’t seem like much…that is until you do them.

Next: Get Up Sit Ups, Jump, Walk Out Push Ups, Jump…for 20 reps. Again doesn’t look too bad…until you do them. Ultimately the get up sit ups are to be done without hands helping.

Next: Tabata Style Squats. You do the reps as fast as you can. You do the reps for 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds. You do this 8 times. You do it!

Next: Exercise Circuit. 11 exercises. 30 seconds maximum reps. 2 Cycles.

  1. DB Curls
  2. DB Triceps Extension
  3. Wall Sit
  4. Supine Hand To Foot
  5. Bosu Push Ups
  6. Alternate Hand To Foot Push Up
  7. Lying Pull Ups With Feet Elevated
  8. Ab Pullins On Slideboard
  9. “L” Sits
  10. Gold Tband Triceps Extension
  11. Laterals

Core Stuff:

  1. Crunches 50
  2. Leg Raises 50
  3. Alternate Hand To Foot 25 Each Side
  4. Side Crunches 25 Each Side
  5. Up The Middle Crunches 25
  6. Side Hip Ups 15 Each Side
  7. Plank 1 minute
  8. Flying Squirrel 30 Seconds
  9. Superman 30 Seconds
  10. Knees To Elbows 25
  11. Reverse Crunches/Hip Ups 25

And the video:

Workout for 4/3/2010. Core and Circuit Training…pretty boring name for a post title. Especially since we do core every workout and hell there are always aspects of circuit training in there as well.

Just ran out of the creative juices for title making today. That’s OK…as long as I can stay creative with how the workouts are. I don’t like getting bored and so far we haven’t had a “boring workout”.

Music: Top 100 of Billboard 1975. T-shirt: “Plays Well With Others”. Nuff Said.

Warm Up: Started with some core/ab stuff. Hey it was early Saturday morning and tough to get the brain and body connected! We did a “crunch/leg raise” cycle starting with 25 rep of each and adding 25 more reps each set until we hit 100 of each. Sounds hard but not anymore…100 is just a number…won’t hurt you.

Next: Exercise circuit of 8 exercises, 30 seconds at each station for max reps. 3 cycles.

1. DB Incline Press

2. BB Curls

3. Push Ups on stability ball

4. Plate Raises

5. Lying pullups

6. Tband Triceps Extension

7. Ab pullins on slide board

8. Laterals

Next: Push up/Plank Combo. Simply get in a plank position, then onto your hands, do a push up and return to plank. Good core stuff.

20 push ups – 1 minute plank

19 push ups – 1 minute plank

And work down to 15 push ups.

More Core:

1. Plank to push up 10 reps, no need to hold the plank on this one.

2. Plank to side plank, knee to elbow 10 reps each side.

3. Side plank, side leg raise 10 reps each side.

4. Knees bent side crunches 25 reps each side. The video says “knee bent leg raise”…what the hell is that? I must have been tired when I was editing!

5. Alternate foot to hand 25 reps each. The video says “knees to leg raises”…I must have been taken over by aliens last night…or just plain tired!

6. Knees to elbows 25 reps. The video says “up the middle crunch”…geez how could I have done this???

7. Crunches up the middle 50 reps. Well its on the video…

Here you go:

Not a real spiffy post title…but hey…I’m behind in my posts…which means I got busy at work etc/blah/blah/blah…I hate excuses so mine are blah/blah/blah.

Actually the title pretty much sums up how we work every time. We always do a “circuit of something”. This is the workout for 3/22/2010.

Music by Queen, T-shirt: Another cheapo workout t-shirt from when we made the recent trip to Fort Walton Beach…buy one get one free (7 bucks!).

Warm up: Decided to start with some core stuff with the medicine balls.

1. Sit up/Ball side to side for 5 reps then pass the ball to the left.

2. After all 9 balls go by we did the same thing again but passed the ball to the right.

3. Ball to the feet, 10 reps and passed to the left…all 9 balls…4 to 12 pounds.

4. Ball to the feet with legs wide, 5 reps to each foot…all 9 balls.

Next: The primary exercise cycle. 9 exercises 10 reps each. Some of us thought we did 5 cycles and some of us thought we did 6. Well it was one or the other!

1. Upright Rows

2. Alternate hand to foot push ups

3. Db Curls

4. Ab pullins with slide board

5. Gold Tband triceps extension

6. Lying Pull ups

7. DB Triceps extension

8. Vertimax laterals

9. Windshield Wipers

May seem like less than we usually do but we did more cycles than usual.

The video:

I like this shirt. I really do. So much I named the post after it (again).

This is the workout for 2/24/2010. Yep. I’m behind again but catching up.

It was a decent enough workout…especially the partner portion…you’ll get that in a bit. The musical artist of the day: Jimi Hendrix. T-Shirt: see title of post!!

Warm Up: Inchworm/Plank/Push up combo for 25 yards. This was kinda rough on the elbows because of out sportsturf. The regular inchworms for 25 yards.

Next: One arm overhead press/burpees 3 x 5 then DB swings/burpees 3 x 5. Always trying to mix things up.

Next: Exercise Cycle. The video look like chaos…and it is but controlled chaos! We split up into groups of 2. Then did 3 sets of 10 at each exercise station for 2 cycles. The exercises included Barbell curls, lying pullups, Triceps DB French Curls, DB Curls, Plate Raises, Triceps T-Band.

Core Time: Started off with partner Glute Ham raises for 3 sets of 10. Table for 1 min. One leg table 30 seconds each leg. One leg table with leg high 30 seconds each leg. Plank with a forward punch 10 reps each arm. Superman for 1 minute. Flying squirrel for 1 minute. Squirrel variation: arms at a “T” position and legs spread for 1 minute. Side crunches legs bent 25 reps to each side. Side crunches with legs straight up 25 to each side. “V” crunches for 25 reps. Alternate hand to foot 25 each side. Lemon squeezers 25 reps. Seated leg raises for 25 reps.

That’ll be enough!

And it is supposed to get harder and harder! That is what drives JONESERCISE! This is the workout for 2/6/2010.

Poor picture and video today. Forgot the regular camera and had to settle for an old one that was at the bottom of the gym bag. Music of the day was John Fogerty (formerly of Creedence Clearwater Revival). T-shirt by “Life is Good”…it sure is!

Warm Up: We kinda had one today. Did 2 minutes of toe hops to get the calves humming. Inchworms for 25 yards was next followed by short lunges for another 25 yards.

Next: Now the tough stuff. We did what we call “Ultimates”. Essentially they are dumbell combos consisting of a squat, squat thrust, pushup, row, jump, curl, and press. Doing all of the combo consists of one rep. We did 3 sets total of 15 reps the first set and then dropping to 12 and finally 10 reps. These are tough!

Next: Cobra Push Ups 3 x 10 followed by Ground Up Push Ups 4 x 25. By “ground up” we literally mean from the ground or floor up! You start flat on the floor, press up, then back down to the floor, lift the hands off the ground and repeat. Doing the exercise this way really get a full range of motion.

Next: Short Lunges in place: 50 rep on each leg. This was followed by 100 squats.

Core Stuff: 50 crunches and leg raises. Then side crunches with the legs up 25 on each side. Followed by side crunches with the knees bent: 25 each side. And lastly 25 rockers.

And the video:


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There you go. Ultimate show band. Garth Brooks was influenced by them as well as a boatload of others. Brooks actually recorded a song on a KISS tribute album. It was out in the mid 90’s. They have been around for a long time. Talk about “job security”! Well if you are Gene or Paul anyway. You can get the tribute album on Amazon:

Actually they have a newly released CD. Came out about a month or so ago.

It’s called Sonic Boom. You also get a DVD and a classics CD to go along with it.