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44th workout of the year, 5/23/2012.

Music: George Thorogood.  T-Shirt: I’m Huge In Japan.

Some folks have compared what we do to Cross Fit. Nothing wrong with that I guess.

So today we do an adaptive form of one of their workouts, the Cindy. From what I can understand you do 3 exercises: pull ups, squats, and push ups for a certain amount of reps over 20 minutes. The goal is to do as many as possible in that 20 minutes.

We only have one pull up bar (at the moment) so we substituted inverse row for the pull ups. So it was easier in that respect but instead of 20 minutes we did 30.

First: Cindy

As many rounds as possible in 30 minutes

5 Inverse Rows – 10 Pushups – 15 Squats


Chair Squats 25

Single Leg Chair Squats 25 Each Leg

Chair Jump Squats 25

Chair Lunges 25 Each Leg

Chair Push Ups 25

Feet on Chair Push Ups 25


Straight High Rise Kicks 2 x 20 Yds

Outside –> In Kicks 2 x 20 Yds

Inside –> Out Kicks 2 x 20 Yds

Fourth: Core/Abs

11 Med Balls 6 – 22 pounds

Sit Up Twist 5 Reps Each Ball

Ball To Feet 10 Reps Each Ball

Ball To Feet V Sit Ups 5 Rep Each Ball



95th workout of the year, 9/26/2011.

Music: Soundgarden. T- Shirt: Some Random MMA T-shirt.

Time to hit the chair again.

Not just for part of the workout…no…for the whole thing.

We’ve done a few like this in the past and they were tough.

No really, they were.

So we did it again.

Only this time it was harder.

Again…you can do this one at home.

All you need is a chair.

Of course you may want to have a bucket next to you in case you decide to vomit!

26 Exercises, 4 cycles (2200 Reps Total)

  1. Decline Push Ups 10
  2. Chair Lunge 25 Each Side
  3. One Leg Squats 25 Each Side
  4. Incline Push-ups 15 (60)
  5. One Leg Squats/Leg On Chair 25 Each Side
  6. Chair Burpees 10
  7. 90/90 Chair Crunches 25
  8. Decline Push Up Hops 10
  9. Step Ups 15 Each Side
  10. Triceps Dips 15
  11. One Leg Toe Hops/Leg On Chair 25 Each Side
  12. Hip Bridge 15
  13. Chair Squats 25
  14. Chair Jump Squats 15
  15. Side Crunches 15 Each Side
  16. Leg Swings Chair 10 Each Side
  17. Leg Raises 25
  18. Side Kick Over Chair 10
  19. Lemon squeezers 25
  20. Front Kick Over Chair 10
  21. 1 Leg Hip Bridge 10 Each Side
  22. Chair Toe Taps 10 Each Side
  23. Jump on Chair 5
  24. Depth Jumps 5
  25. Donkey Kicks 5 Each Side
  26. Double Knee Bend Back Ext 10