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Image65TH workout of the year, 1/14/2013.

Music: Foreigner. T-shirt: Grateful Dead.

And now for something different…

Which is always the case, isn’t’ it?Image2

Someone’s knee had been hurting for about a week. There was no injury, or one that was remembered. So we did a little “repairative” workout with a bit of Total Motion Release incorporated.

Essentially, easy side only…

After the DB stuff…no knee problem…

First: Agility LadderImage1

For no special reason except that we haven’t done it in a while. Always good for a warm up…well…when we have a warm up.

Second: Core/Abs

All side stuff…

Supine Side Crunches 25 Each SideImage5

Side lying Side Crunches 25 Each Side

Side Leg Raises 25 Each Side

Bilateral Supine Heel Taps 25 Each Side

Unilateral Supine Heel Taps 25 Each Side

Side Hip Ups 25 Each SideImage7

Third: DB Ladders

Doing stuff on the easy side today.

DB 5 – 55 pounds

Lunge DB Pick Up Easy Foot Forward 5 Reps Each DB

DB Press Easy Side Only 5 Reps Each DBImage22

Fourth: More Core/Abs

Side Hip Ups On Hands 25 Each Side

Bridge Reach Backs 25 Each Side

Side Hip Up, Hip Abduction 10 Each Side

Side Hip Up, Hip Extension 10 Each SideImage11

Side Hip Us, Hip Flexion 10 Each Side

Fifth: Crawling and Rolling

Crawl on all 4s x 2

Log Roll x 2

Bear Crawl x 2Image13

Log Roll x 2

Commando Crawl

Back Crawl

Sixth: Even More Core/Abs

1 Rep every 15 SecondsImage15

Side Hip Ups for 2 minutes on both sides

Seated Leg Raises 3 minutes

Seventh: Optional Stretching

Just for funsies…





This is the JONESERCISE workout for 3/8/2010. If you’ve been keeping up with some of this stuff you’ll know I kinda “tweaked” the back a bit last week. It wasn’t too bad but just something I hadn’t felt before…hell I even went to the doctor about it. If you’re interested in it you can check it out here:

Called off the usual Saturday workout. When Monday rolled around I figured I’d just come up with something that wouldn’t do too much to the back.

The music started off with Jimmy Buffett. Apparently Randy can’t workout to Jimmy Buffett. He put in a “classic rock” CD…Black Sabbath, The Cult, Aerosmith, Iron Butterfly, Led Zep, Steppenwolf…not bad at all…and probably goes more along with the T-shirt than Buffett.

Warm Up: Toe Hops for 2 minutes followed by Inchworm for 50 yards.

Next: Sleds/Push up combo. We pushed a weighted sled for 25 yards then did 25 push ups. We repeated this 4 times. The girls started with 60 pounds and worked up to 110 pounds. The guys started with 70 pounds and worked up to 205 pounds. You tend to push the sled a bit slower with more weight…yeah I know…you already knew that!

Next: DB Short Lunges for 50 yards. Lunges work the thighs/glutes well. Add some weight to them and you have a real thigh/butt burner! Especially for 50 yards. And these are what we call “short lunges”. When you squat down the knee is supposed to be even with the opposite heel. Tends to hit the glutes a bit more that way.

Next: Plate Walking. This isn’t so bad on the legs but it does allow some grip/forearm work. 100 yards worth. Girls gripping 2 25 pound plates. Guys gripping 2 45 pound plates.

Next: 50 Lunges on each leg followed by 100 squats. We’ve done it before and since it is effective we’ll do it again! Got everything burning again!

Next: Gold theraband side walking for 50 yards. This is a real thigh/butt burner. The core is or should be engaged as well.

Core Stuffola: 25 crunches/leg raises/reverse crunches/lemon squeezers/seated leg raises/side crunches and alternate foot to hand 25 on each side. Enough is enough!

The video:

JONESERCISE workout for 3/3/10. Controlled Chaos…there is a portion of the workout that…well…looks chaotic. Looks like everyone is doing something but trying to make out just what is going on from the video is tough. Gotta read the post as well.

Oh and there is a portion where I actually hurt my back (dammit)…I’d rather vomit than do something that would physically slow me down. More on that later.

Music by: Van Halen and Disturbed T-shirt: Marvels’ Captain America!!

If for some reason you go to the VH website you’ll see that Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony aren’t to be found. On with the show!

Warm Up: We actually did a full blown warm up today. Toe Hops for 2 minutes…like I’ve said before it looks goofy but try it for 2 minutes! 25 crunches and leg raises. Inchworms and long lunges for 25 yards each. Finally side squat lunges and front rising high kicks both for 25 yards.

Next: The Controlled Chaos Exercise Circuit! We split up into groups of two. There are 6 exercises. We did the “bottom” portion of an exercise for 4 reps then the “top” portion for 4 reps and finally the full range exercise for 4 reps. We did 3 sets of this at each station before going to the next station. We did 2 cycles. The exercises included:

1. Upright Rows

2. Lying Pull Ups

3. T-band Triceps Extension

4. Hammer Curls

5. DB Triceps Extension

6. Plate Raises

Next: Push Up Variations. We did 8 different types of push ups for 10 reps each. Doesn’t sound too bad but some variations are easier than others.

1. Wide Hand Position

2. Regular Hand Position

3. Close Hand Position

4. “Diamond”

5. Hands Overhead

6. Hand Clapping

7. Cobra

8. Walk Out

Next: 100 Squats

Core: Simply 100 crunches and 100 Leg raises

And the video:

Almost forgot about the “injury”. The lower back got “tweaked” (how’s that for a scientific term) during the push ups.

Specifically the push up variation was the one done with the arms outstretched over the head. You can hear Chris say he felt it in the lower back. It is a difficult type of push up. Not everyone can do it. The entire body should stay rigid. It is actually a big core exercise.

You need to concentrate on what you are doing. Which is exactly what I wasn’t doing. After I had done my 10 reps someone asked to see it again. I wasn’t totally “locked in”. There was a little “dip” in the back. I “heard/felt” a “crunch”.

Of course I kept going and finished the workout cause that’s just the way I am…not anything I would tell a client to do mind you. Anyway the pain wasn’t the worst nor the least I have ever had…but it was “different”…and “different” isn’t always a good thing. If I had just “tweaked” the back a bit and it was a familiar feeling I wouldn’t even think twice about it. But since it was different I’ll be taking a couple of days off from training. Maybe…just maybe I’m not Capt. America!!

Lesson: Concentrate on what you are doing!

And here is the injury video: