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Image13Workout for, 1/23/2013.

Music: ZZ Top, Sly and the Family Stone. T-shirt: Alabama vs Notre Dame

Played with theraband the whole workout. Not the puny yellow t-band but the toughest t-band they make: Gold.

Glutes and hips on fire!

First: T-band Straight Knee WalkingImage3

Heck, I guess you could call this a “warm up”.

Walking Forward

Walking Backward

Walking Sideways

Second: T-Band Bent Knee WalkingImage1




Sideways Deeper Squat Position

Third: T-Band Lunge WalkingImage8



Fourth: T-Band Hops




Fifth: T-Band Squats

Squats 20

Off set Squats 20

Off set Squats 20Image12

Squats 20

Sixth: T-Band Bridges

Bridges 25

Bridge Reach Backs 25 Each Side

Bridges 25Image14

Seventh: T-Band Crawls

Bear Crawl

Crab Walk Forward

Crab Walk Backward

Eighth: Clamshell VariationsImage15

If you press the bottom leg into the floor you’ll get a lot more muscle action going.

Clamshells 25

Clamshells with side crunch 25

Seated clamshells 1 rep every 15 Seconds for 3 Minutes.

The rep is held with the knees wide. More glute anImage16d ab action if the hands are off the floor.

Clamshells 1 rep every 15 seconds for 2 minutes. Again pressing the bottom leg into the floor will get more action!

Side Hip Ups with leg abduction 10 reps each side

Ninth: Core/Abs

Keep the T-Band on!Image18

Seated Leg Raises 25

Lemon Squeezers 25

Up the Middle Crunches 25

Leg Raises 25

Reverse Crunches 25Image20

Hip Ups 25

Tenth: Optional Stretching

A couple of folks can now move farther than they could just a couple of weeks ago! Age never and excuse!



50th workout of the year, 5/11/2011.

Music: Union Underground, Rob Zombie. T-Shirt: Monty Pythons’ Spamalot. I think I’ll get “I’m Not Dead Yet.” on the next round of  JONESERCISE  t-shirts!

Kinda felt the sled workout from the last time. So how do I work some of the soreness out? By creating more but different soreness thats how!

We’ve done some jumping workouts before but not habitually.

There is a reason for that. Hell they’re hard.

We may just have to do them more often!

First: Agility Ladders

Felt stiff. Time to bring out the ladders.

It seems like we’ve been using them more often than usual.

They kinda go with today’s theme of jumping so there’s a rationalization if you need one.

I got a bit lazy with the video editing again. I didn’t cut the agility ladder segment like I usually do. I just left in the whole thing but speeded it up. (Yep we really don’t move that fast!)

Second: Jumps with Theraband

We use the gold theraband. It’s the strongest the company makes.

With all of these drills you put the band around the legs and try to keep the legs apart while you jump around.

Forward 50 Yards

Backward 50 Yards

Sideways 50 Yards

Third:180 degree spin jumps

Simple. You jump and spin 180 degrees.


5 Sets of 10.

Fourth: Rock Bottom Squat Jumps

You squat as low as you can…no I take that back you squat as low as Bill Jones can. Then you jump up.


5 Sets of 10.

Fifth: One Leg Toe Hops

You hop on one foot. Yep another simple exercise. So to up the intensity you do it Tabata style.

Do as many as you can and as fast as you can for 20 seconds then take a 10 second break.

This is really tougher than it sounds. We did 4 cycles on each leg.

Sixth: Chair Jump Squats

Done Tabata Style as well.

8 Cycles for the Jumps Squats!

Seventh: Broad Jump/Burpee/Push Up

So jump as far as you can then do a Burpee with a Push Up.


For 50 Yards.

Eighth: Hopping Push Ups

You do a Push Up to the floor and lift your hands (this is a “Ground Up Push Up”) then drive your hands into the floor and “hop” your hands off the floor.

This is much, much harder than it sounds or looks.

I dare you to try 10 of them.

By the way…we did 10 sets of 10.



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There you go. Ultimate show band. Garth Brooks was influenced by them as well as a boatload of others. Brooks actually recorded a song on a KISS tribute album. It was out in the mid 90’s. They have been around for a long time. Talk about “job security”! Well if you are Gene or Paul anyway. You can get the tribute album on Amazon:

Actually they have a newly released CD. Came out about a month or so ago.

It’s called Sonic Boom. You also get a DVD and a classics CD to go along with it.

Tenacious D

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So a few people have asked about my t-shirts of all things. So besides our regular exercise get togethers I’ll be writing about some of my shirts.  Guess that will answer a few questions, give me more chance to write and maybe even expose people to things they didn’t know about before.

So that brings us up to Tenacious D. Yep T-D. The Greatest Rock Band in the World!! I first saw them on HBO years ago. Didn’t know anything about them but became a big fan. Good music and great sense of humor! At least to me!

Check them out: