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77th workout of the year,7/25/2011.

Music: Red Hot Chili Peppers. T-Shirt: Facts You Need To Know About Chuck Norris.

It’s somebody’s birthday again!

You do know what that means.


It means there will be some type of numerical theme to the workout in honor of the birthday person.

Today’s Magic Number?


Yep he’s a youngster!


Chair Squats

3 Sets of 100

1 Set of 50

Total Reps: 350


Ground Up Push Ups

14 Sets of 25

Total Reps: 350



Did we do 350? No…we were running out of time.

We “only” did 135.

4 Sets of 25 and 1 set of 35.


72nd workout of the 7/11/2011.

Music: Five Finger Death Punch. T-Shirt: JONESERCISE.

Oh yeah! Still feeling the abs from the last workout. Can’t believe how long the sensation has lingered.

Will be doing that one again…that is after we add some more stuff to it.

But in the mean time we have today’s workout.

Time to get back on the circuit cycle!

First: Circuit Training

12 Exercises, 30 Sec Each Station, Max Reps for 3 Cycles

Yep 3 Cycles!

DB Incline Press

Inverted Row

Vertimax Laterals

Push Ups Feet Elevated

BB Curls

Ball on the Wall Push Ups

Plate Raises

Ab Pullins

Bosu Squats

“L” Sits

Step Run

Weighted Jump Rope

Second: Core/Abs

Bridge Holds 5 Minutes

Stay up for 30 sec/down/right back up.

Seated Leg Raise 5 Minutes

Stay up for 30 sec/down/right back up.


59th workout of the year, 6/6/2011.

Music: The Beatles. T-Shirt: The Beatles.

The All Core Saturday took its toll on everyone involved.

Exactly as planned…or unplanned that is.

Today we are going to “re-purpose” a workout we did in the past.

What do I mean “re-purpose”?

Make it harder!

Warm Up:

No…again not today. Straight to the Sweatfest!

This still seems kinda easy on paper. But add up the reps before you try it. No need. Simple math. I’ll do it for you.

Total Ground Up Push Ups: 400.

Total Leg Reps: 800.

This will totally blast the upper and lower body.

8 Types of Leg Work.

While the legs get a rest the upper gets blasted with the push ups.

  • Chair Lunges 50 Each Leg
  •                  50 Ground Up Push Ups
  • Chair Jump Squats 100
  •             50 Ground Up Push Ups
  • Hopping Lunges 50 each leg
  •             50 Ground up Push ups
  • Short Lunges 50 reps each leg
  •             50 Ground up Push ups
  • Single leg squats 50
  •             50 Ground up Push ups
  • Step-ups on chair 50
  •             50 Ground up Push ups
  • Long Lunges 50 reps each leg
  •             50 Ground up Push ups
  • Squats 100
  •             50 Ground up Push ups



Not today!



55th workout of the year, 5/28/2011.

Music: Funk Mix. T-Shirt: Warrior Dash.

This is the first workout since doing all the lunges 5 days ago.

Man! The legs were toast for days. There was still some residual soreness today!

So are we gonna by pass the legs today? Hell no! We’re gonna jump right in there!

First: Jump Squats and Incline Push Ups

I guess you could call this a bit of a warm up. Of course to some people this would have been a workout.

That’s because we did 5 sets of 20 Reps Each. Count ’em…100 reps for each movement.

Second: One Leg Squats and Decline Push Ups

You could call this a continuation of the warm up or just another days workout. Or you could just call it craziness!

Try to do 5 sets of 10 like we did. Come on try it!

Third: Unconventional Circuit Training

9 Stations, 30 Seconds Each Station

Maximum Reps, 5 Cycles

We don’t like to rest. The only rest we take is going from one exercise to another.

Bozu Squats

Crunches on Ball

Weighted Jump Rope

Leg Raises

One Leg Squats

Stool Racers

Bosu Push Ups

Reverse Leg Raises



53rd workout of the year, 5/21/2011.

Music: Classic Rock Mix. T-Shirt: Everyday is Training Day.

Is this just another lazy Saturday morning? No!

It’s time for an encore of All Core Saturday!

Warm Up: 

Agility Ladder Drills

Here they are again: The Ladder!

After a Friday night at various eateries and drinkeries sometimes you just gotta have a warm up.

Next: Medicine Ball Core Work

And nothing but! 20 Different exercises with 6 balls from 6 – 12 pounds.

After finishing the reps for each ball we pass it to the right until we get the ball we started with.

The ones marked with an * are movements we’ve never done.

  1. Sit Up/Twists 5 Reps
  2. Seated Leg Raises Ball Overhead 10 Reps
  3. Seated Leg Raises Ball Overhead in one hand 5 Reps Each Hand
  4. Lemon Squeezers Ball in Front 10 Reps
  5. Crunches Ball Up the Middle 10 Reps
  6. On Side Side Crunches 5 Reps Each Side*
  7. Crunches Ball Overhead in one hand 5 Reps Each Hand
  8. Leg Raises Ball in Outstretched Arms 10 Reps
  9. Leg Raises Ball in Outstretched Arm 5 Reps Each Side*
  10. 4 Count Sit Up 10 Reps*
  11. Ball Overhead Flutter Kick 10 Reps Each Side
  12. Seated Foot to Ball 5 Reps Each Side
  13. Side Crunches 5 Reps Each Side
  14. Jackknife Ball to Feet 10 Reps
  15. Side Jackknife Ball to Feet 5 Reps Each Side*
  16. Feet Wide Ball to each foot 5 Reps Each Side
  17. Prone Back Extensions Knees Straight 10 Reps
  18. Prone Back Extensions Knees Bent 10 Reps*
  19. Seated Leg Raise Ball Between Feet 10 Reps*
  20. Hand to Feet Jackknife 5 Reps*


41st workout of the year, 4/16/2011.

Music: Fudge Tunnel. T-Shirt: Helen Back, A bar in Ft. Walton Beach that serves some really great pizza!

Everyone was sore from the Dumbbell Mania workout.

After all the dumbbell trauma it’s time to return to an all body weight (almost) screamer…which can be just as hard as using weights.

And it was.

First: Squat Variations

11 Stations, 10 Reps Each Station, 3 Cycles

  1. Butt to Ball Squat
  2. Toes Up Squats
  3. Balance Disc Squats
  4. Air Ex Pad Squats
  5. Wide Squats
  6. Incline Board Squats
  7. Med Ball Held In Front Squats
  8. Med Ball Overhead Squats
  9. Bosu Up Squats
  10. Bosu Down Squats
  11. Jumps Squats

Next: Push Up Variations

9 Stations, 6 Reps Each Station, 3 Cycles

  1. Wide Push Ups
  2. Balance Discs Push Ups
  3. Push Ups w/Dumbbell Rows
  4. Air Ex Pad Push Ups
  5. Bosu Up Push Ups
  6. Bosu Down Push Ups
  7. Ball On The Wall Push Ups
  8. Med Ball Push Ups
  9. Hopping Med Ball Push Ups

As If That Wasn’t Enough: Core/Abs

  1. Standing Heel Touches 10 Each Side
  2. Sliding Tables 15
  3. Table 1 Minute
  4. One Leg Table 30 Sec Each Side
  5. One Leg Table Leg High 30 Sec Each Side
  6. Plank 1 Minute
  7. One Leg Plank 30 Sec Each Side
  8. One Arm Plank 30 Sec Each Side
  9. One Leg/One Arm Plank 30 Each Side


39th workout of the year, 4/11/2011.

Music: The Offspring and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. T-Shirt: Fudpuckers.

The soreness from the last workout finally left. So what can we do to raise the bar again?

Well today the magic number is 44. Yep another birthday. So should we do a lot of things for 44 reps?


How bout multiples of 44? Yeah…that sounds more like it.

Today was one of the most simple yet effective body weight conditioning workouts we’ve done.

3 exercises.

Only 3?

Only 3!

How many reps?

Let’s keep them on the low side. Say only 10 reps per exercise.

I can hear it now, “I thought this was going to be tough?”

Only 10 reps?

Yep 10 reps for each exercise.

The catch? There’s gotta be a catch!

Well you gotta do 44 sets.

That adds up to a total of:

440 Squats

440 Push Ups

440 Burpees

1320 Total Reps.

I think that will be enough to celebrate a 44th birthday!

Video: You’d think this would be short. It could have been. I was playing around with it so it’s much longer than expected.