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 Workout for 7-11-2018 and 7-16-2018

T-Shirt: “You Can Go Home Now” and “60 Is The New 40”

Music:  Old Stuff

My birthday was on July 5th. I didn’t have a birthday workout because I was in Las Vegas for UFC International Fight Week.

But when I got back I had a plan…

“61” was the theme because that’s the number of this birthday. So I had to make a play off that.

So I thought I’d add a zero at the end. Heck that was only 610 reps of whatever we were going to do…so I added a couple more things.

We ended up doing 610 Chair Squats, Burpees, and Pushups. However this workout ended up like last year…It took 2 days. Partly because of the heat, some because it was hard, and partly because I started adding some stretching the last 10 minutes of the workouts to kinda cool off/drink some water (or beer) before jumping in the car and heading home!

We aren’t judgmental. Some folks did “complete good form” reps and some folks did modified reps. Didn’t really matter. Everyone was going to be doing at the minimum of 610 of each exercise.

And a few people did more!

Not me!!!

Day One started at 102 degrees. Day Two was in the upper 90s.

Day One Instructions:

  1. Get a pen/paper.
  2. Do 12 Chair Squats, 12 Pushups, 12 Burpees.
  3. Write “1”.
  4. Repeat to “50”.
  5. Then do 10 more reps of each exercise.

“Cool down”??

Stretching with beverage of choice: Water or Beer

Day Two Instructions:

  1. Get a pen/paper.
  2. Do 12 Chair Squats, 12 Pushups, 12 Burpees.
  3. Write “1”.
  4. Repeat to “50”.
  5. Then do 10 more reps of each exercise

“Cool down”…Again!!??

Some more stretching with beverage of choice: Water or Beer

Video 1:



Workout for 7-9-2018


Music: Old Stuff
It’s been hot! Duh? It’s July and we’re in Georgia!
I tell people we have air in the winter and heat in the summer. Pretty much true.

The later part of the workout we had an “indoor snow ball fight”. Yep, part of the workout. May sound easy but it isn’t. It’s tough…but it’s kinda fun.


First: Warm Up???

We usually use agility ladders during the winter for a warm up. Then gradually strip away the clothes. I decided to use them today just for the hell of it.

Agility Ladder and Burpees. Each drill done down and back with 3 burpees in between each. 9 Different foot drills, down and back. Total of 6 burpees each drill. Simple math, 54 burpees.

Second: Chair Squats

Lean back when standing and lean back when seated.

  • 20 Wide
  • 20 Not so Wide
  • 20 Feet just outside of chair legs
  • 20 Feet just inside of chair legs
  • 20 Feet together
  • 10 Left foot in front of Right
  • 10 Right foot in front of Left
  • 10 Left foot back Lunge Squat
  • 10 Right foot back Lunge Squat


Third: Chair Squats and Poles

Squat, twist, lean back when seated

  • 20 Wide
  • 20 Not so Wide
  • 20 Feet just outside of chair legs
  • 20 Feet just inside of chair legs
  • 20 Feet together

Fourth: Chairs, Poles, Modified Burpees

Squat, twist, lean back when seated

3 Modified or Chair burpees after each set of squats.

  • 10 Wide
  • 10 Not so Wide
  • 10 Feet just outside of chair legs
  • 10 Feet just inside of chair legs
  • 10 Feet together

Fifth: Indoor “Snowball Fight”

A pile of white socks for the snowballs.

On “GO” everyone runs and gets one “ball”. You are only allowed one ball in your hand at a time.

You try and hit other people. You have to jump up to throw the “ball”. If they get hit they get hit they must do 5 push ups before they can get back in the game.

The first round was for 4 minutes. Doesn’t sound like much but it was tiring!

The second round lasted 3 minutes but instead of push up we did 2 burpees with push ups if you got hit.

Sixth: “Cool down”??

Stretching with beverage of choice: Water or Beer.

And it did “cool off” by the end of the hour!



Workout: 12/18/2017

T-Shirt: Santa Claus is Coming

Music: Twisted Sister: A Twisted Christmas

Each year we do one or two Christmas themed workouts.

So this is one for 2017.

This is based on the holiday song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.

Per Wikipedia: “The earliest known version of the lyrics was published in London under the title “The Twelve Days of Christmas sung at King Pepin’s Ball”, as part of a 1780 children’s book, Mirth without Mischief.”


So you start with the first day and work up to the twelfth.

In print it doesn’t look like much.

Oh…but it was…


On the 12th day of Fitmass my true love gave to me

Twelve: 180 Jumping Burpees

Eleven: Side Sit To Stand

Ten: Sidelying, roll to other side, stand

Nine: Supine to Stand

Eight: Walkout Push Ups, stand, arms go overhead

Seven: High knee to lunge, butt roll L/R, stand

Six: Plank to push up position to stand

Five: Prone to Stand

Four: Kneel to Stand

Three: Roll back to stand

Two: Push up roll L to stand, then R to Stand

And A Push Up With Opposite Foot to Hand and stand


Workout: 7-10 and 12 -2017

TShirt: Surely Not Everyone Was Kung Fu Fighting and Life Begins at 60, 1957 Birth of Legends

Music: No clue, don’t remember…and the fans are loud!

I turned 60 years old. So did Jose. So as workout tribute to any 60 year old out there we did a workout that consisted of 60 different exercises 60 reps each. I added one exercise for the heck of it. So make that 61 exercises at 60 reps each. Sure some were easier that others but easy is relative.

The temperature of the gym was 102 on Monday and 104 on Wednesday.

Oh and a good time was had by all!!!!


Day One:

  1. Chair Squats
  2. Crunches
  3. Leg Raises Top
  4. Leg Raises Bottom
  5. Leg Raises Middle
  6. Leg Raises Full
  7. Side Hip Ups
  8. Chair Dips
  9. Chair Leg Raises
  10. Feet on chair Push Ups
  11. Chair Lemon Squeezers
  12. Feet Together Squats
  13. Reverse Crunches
  14. (B) Toe Hops
  15. Ground Up Push Ups
  16. Elbows to Knees
  17. Elbows to Opposite Knee
  18. Bottoms Up Squats
  19. Long Lunge
  20. Jumping Jacks
  21. Push Ups hands on Chair
  22. Table
  23. Plank Hold
  24. Rear Lunge
  25. Flying Squirrel Hold
  26. Prone Arm/Leg Lifts
  27. Short Lunge
  28. Bridge Hold
  29. Chair Squat Jumps
  30. Kettlebell Swings
  31. Chair One Leg Bridge Hold
  32. Chair Bridges
  33. Bridge Reach Backs
  34. One Leg Plank
  35. Mountain Climbers
  36. Plate Upright Rows
  37. Plate Pushes
  38. Chair Lunge

Day 2:

  1. Chair Squat Right/Left, Left/Right
  2. Chair kicks, outside to inside
  3. Chair kicks, inside to outside
  4. Plate Curls
  5. Overhead Plate Press
  6. Plate Pushes
  7. Lunge Hops
  8. Standing Triceps Ext
  9. One Leg Squats
  10. Plate Bicep Isometric
  11. 90/90 Chair Crunches
  12. Plate Front Raises
  13. Hands to feet crunches
  14. Plate Twist
  15. One Leg Squats/Foot On Chair
  16. Feet on Chair Push Up Hand Hops
  17. Chair Mtn Climber
  18. Chair Wide Squat facing back of chair
  19. Windmills
  20. Feet on Chair hand walks L to R 123 456
  21. Feet to ceiling hip ups
  22. Chair Toe Taps
  23. Side Lunge foot on chair

Video 1:

Video 2:

Workout for 7-5-2017
Music: Heavy Metal Covers

So this happened on July 5th, 2017. It was my birthday.

I turned the “ripe young age” of 60!

But this workout wasn’t about me. No, this workout was all about James.

James turned 40 (such a youngster) about a week earlier but had been out of town so we couldn’t celebrate his birthday until he returned!

So what did he get for his birthday?


And plenty of them!

We only did 10 reps…but…we did 40 different versions.

So 400 reps…

Actually about 410. James’ brother Matt came up with the last one!

And here are the burpees:

  • Just a Regular Burpee
  • Burpees Legs Wide
  • Burpees Feet Together
  • Burpees legs close, spread wide, close again
  • Frogger Burpees
  • Burpees w/one arm
  • Burpees w/one leg
  • Burpees w/one leg, one arm
  • Burpees w/Push Up
  • Burpees Shoot Feet Onto Chair
  • Clap Overhead Burpees
  • Burpees with clapping push up
  • Burpees with hand hops
  • Jump Lunge HopsBurpees
  • Burpees w/opposite hand to shoulder tap
  • Burpees Shoot Feet Onto Chair and a pushup
  • High Knees Burpees (slap thighs)
  • Burpees w/Ground Up Push Up
  • Burpees w/Twisting Mountain Climbers
  • Burpees w/double Mountain Climber (both feet forward 2 times)
  • Burpees w/Heel to opposite hand behind back standing
  • Burpees w/Foot to opposite hand in front standing
  • Burpees with push up, hands walk back to feet, stand, lean back
  • Burpees opposite hand to foot in push up position
  • Burpees opposite hand to foot in push up position with push up
  • Burpees w/Front Kick
  • Burpees w/Crescent kick in
  • Burpees w/ Crescent kick out
  • Burpees w/High Rising Kick
  • Burpees w/Rotational Push Up
  • Burpees w/Mountain Climbers
  • Burpees knee to opposite elbow
  • Burpees knee to same side elbow
  • Burpees w/Mountain Climbers Foot up to Hand
  • Traveling burpees forward with ball
  • Traveling burpees backward with ball
  • Traveling burpees sideways with ball
  • Traveling burpees sideways with ball slam
  • Traveling burpees backward with ball slam
  • Traveling burpees forward with ball slam
  • Traveling burpees, jump/twist with med ball



Workout for 5-15-2017. Yep…it’s been awhile since I updated this!!


Music: Variety of Brown Eyed Girl…that is until Randy decided to put in another CD that had a skip in it. And yes…we use CDs. Actually we can use albums as well (vinyl) if we wanted.

This was an all “movement” workout. Movement seated, supine, prone, kneeling, standing, and “walking”. And I don’t even have a “movement” certification!!

We transitioned from one movement to another. Some kinda easy. Some a little more difficult…but not by much.

Oh…it was 97 degrees in the gym when we started…

  • Plantar/Dorsiflex
  • Ankle Circles In/Out
  • Seated on floor, hip flex, turn neck to opposite
  • Seated on floor, hip flex, passive pull
  • Seated on floor, slide leg up, abd, turn neck to opposite
  • Seated on floor, hip flex/abd(drop to side), turn neck to opposite
  • Seated on floor, reach for toes


  • Supine knee extension
  • Supine SLR
  • Supine leg circles, in/out
  • Supine crunches
  • Supine side crunches
  • Supine leg raises
  • Supine opposite foot to hand
  • Supine opposite foot to hand, hand close to floor
  • Sidelying arm circles, turn neck


  • Prone Rear shoulder roll stretch
  • Prone trunk/arm rotation
  • Plank
  • Push up plank, fingers forward, toes move body
  • Push up plank, fingers to side, rock side to side, turn neck to side
  • Push up plank, fingers to rear, toes move body
  • Push up, w/single leg hip ext
  • Press up/cobra
  • Push up, roll right then left
  • Push up position, feet walk up to hand
  • Push up position, hand walk to feet


  • Hands and knees, head nods
  • Hands and knees, arm/trunk rotation
  • Butt to feet-look down, to start-look up
  • Spread knees, butt to feet-look down, to start-look up
  • Crawl forward and backward
  • Hands and knees to full squat


  • Squat weight shift side to side, turn neck to the side
  • Squat weight shift front to back
  • Squat flat feet onto toes
  • Squat lean left/right touch floor
  • Squat, elbows push out knees
  • Squat, hands/elbow push out knees
  • Squat, right hand on ankle, left arm overhead, twist
  • Squat, left hand on ankle, right arm overhead, twist
  • Squat both hands on floor move into table


  • Table single leg hip flex
  • Table single SLR
  • Table opposite foot to hand
  • Table hand walk back to squat


  • Squat to long lunge, lean back
  • Squat to long lunge, twist
  • Both knees on floor, left kneel-right kneel
  • Squat hold onto toes, butt up
  • Squat to stand, extend back, hands on hips

  • Stand, extend back, hands overhead reach back
  • Stand, toe in, lean back hands overhead
  • Stand, toes ahead, lean back hands overhead
  • Stand, toes out, lean back hands overhead
  • Stand, reach back to each knee
  • Stand, extend back, touch toes
  • Stand, arm circles
  • Stand, hip flex
  • Stand, hip flex, opposite arm swing
  • Stand, hip flex-knee ext
  • Stand, hip flex, hip abd


  • March, elbows bent, trunk twist
  • March with high knees, elbows bent, trunk twist
  • March with high knees, arm swings
  • Butt up-hands on floor, legs straight, forward/backward
  • Monkey walk
  • Bunny hop forward
  • Bunny hop backwards
  • Bunny hop side ways
  • High leg kick, out to in
  • High leg kick, in to out
  • High leg kicks
  • Gallop
  • Skip
  • Walk, opposite hand to foot in back
  • Walk, opposite hand to foot in front
  • Walk, opposite hand to foot in front and back





Workout for 2 20 2017

Music: It’s on but I can’t remember what the heck it was playing.

T-Shirt: JonesFit

Some circuit training today.

19 total stations.image5

The first round we did 10 reps at each station.

The keg carry and crawling were just down and back.

The first round was…well…fairly easy…considering what was coming up next!

The second round was…not easy…image8

We did 60 reps at each station.

Yep 60 reps before going to the next exercise.

Why 60?

Well…someone had a birthday.

And they didn’t turn 29…image17

Some stations were easier than others.

It was one hell of a workout!

The Stations:

  1. BB Curls
  2. EZ Triceps Extensionimage16
  3. KB Swings
  4. DB Flys
  5. Incline DB Press
  6. Crunches on Swiss ball w/med ball
  7. Band Triceps Extensions
  8. Squats Slam Ball
  9. Squats Plate Twistsimage9
  10. Squats Ball Overhead
  11. Incline Leg Raises
  12. Keg Bear Hug Carry
  13. Crawl
  14. Inverted Rows
  15. Skateboard Alternate Arm Reach
  16. Plate Upright Rows
  17. Tube Curls
  18. Back Extension w/Med Ball
  19. Feet on Skateboard Pull Ins

Video: The video says 22 stations. It is incorrect. There were 19 stations. Like that really made it any easier…