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Image15Workout for 11-12-2014
Music: 3 Doors Down

Did an interesting circuit.
I call it “Glute Emphasis” cause it is.
It is a buttcentric circuit.
Threw in some shoulder and arm stuff with it.
Why? Cause I like doing shoulder and arm stuff!

First: Glutes Emphasis CircuitImage4

15 Stations, 3 Cycles, Reps: 30, 20, 10

First couple of cycles this was kinda tough.
The last cycle, at 10 reps, was a piece of cake!

1. Chair Bridges
2. Chair Squats Ball Overhead
3. Keg Bridges
4. Small Keg BridgesImage7
5. Chair One Leg Squats
6. Chair One Leg Bridges
7. Keg Leg Curls
8. Standing Band Hip Extensions
9. KB Swings
10. Bench Step Ups
11. DB Curls
12. BB Curls
13. Pushdowns
14. Triceps Bench DipsImage2
15. Plate Upright Rows

Second: Core/Abs

Just 900 reps.
Not too hard!

Crunches 100
Leg Raises 100
Side Leg Raises 100 Each SideImage20
Seated Leg Raises 100
Hands to Feet Crunches 100
Knees to Elbows 100
Lemon Squeezers 100
Side Crunches 100



48th workout of the year, 6/4/2012.

Music: AC/DC.  T-Shirt: 21st Amendment Brewery.

More core/ab stuff.

This time in different positions using a weight plate.

45, 35 or 25 pounder…

Plate Core Complex

Plate Complex Part 1 Standing:

  1. Twist floor -> overhead 2 x 5 ea side.
  2. Overhead Spin 2 x 5 on each side.
  3. Twist with pause in the middle. 2 x 5 ea side.
  4. Twist without pause. 2 x 5 on ea side.
  5. Overhead Twists. 2 x 5 on each side.
  6. Front Plate Raises. 2 x 10.
  7. Overhead Side Bends. 2 sets 5 each side.
  8. Side Halos Overhead Side.  2 x 5 each side.
  9. Plate Pullthroughs 2 x 5
  10. Round the World. Just a variation off the front plate raise. 2 x 8.
  11. Overhead Squat   2 x 5

Plate Complex Part 2 Moving:

  1. Plate Overhead Walk 15 Yds x 2
  2. Plate Low At Side Walk 15 Yds x 2
  3. Plate Twist Walk 15 Yds x 2
  4. Plate in Front Walk 15 Yds x 2
  5. Plate Overhead Long Lunge 15 Yds x 2
  6. Plate Overhead Reverse Lunge 15 Yds x 2
  7. Plate Twist Long Lunge 15 Yds x 2

Plate Complex Part 3 Floor:

  1. Sit Up/Twists – 2 x 5 Reps
  2. Plate Sit Up 2 x 5
  3. Leg Raises Extended Arms 2 x 20
  4. Plate Overhead Lemon Squeezers 2 x 20
  5. Plate to Feet 2 x 20
  6. Plate Overhead Seated Leg Raises 2 x 20
  7. Plate Crunches 2 x 10
  8. Reverse Crunch Plate Overhead 2 x 25
  9. Hip Ups Plate Overhead 2 x 25
  10. Seated Legs Up Plate Twists 2 x 10 Each Side
  11. One Leg Bridge Plate Overhead 2 x 20 Each Side
  12. Windshield wipers. 2 x 5 each side.





25th workout of the year, 3/12/2012.

Music: Sly and the Family Stone.  T-shirt: Big Dead Stinky Fish.

Time to celebrate another birthday!! Yet again!!

And today “58” is the magic birthday number.

Another conditioning workout that didn’t look so bad on paper.

Well…it was.

First: “Cardio” Circuit Training

12 Exercises

30 Sec Each Station, Max Reps

58 Second Wall Run Between Each Exercise

That’s like doing 12 sprints…

This was one of the most exhausting things we’ve done.

Plate Front Raise

Inverted Row

DB Curl

Prowler Push

KB 1 Arm Up Squats

Bulgarian Bag Swings

Ham Pullins on slide board

Ham Pullins on Ball

Ham Pullins on Keg

Incline Sit Up W/Ball

Keg Curl and Press

Chair Push Up Hold

Second:  Same 13 Station Circuit

With a small change. No running this time.

We burned up the calves with what we are calling “Toe Hops”.

58 Seconds of them  between each station

  1. Plate Front Raise
  2. Inverted Row
  3. DB Curl
  4. Prowler Push
  5. KB 1 Arm Up Squats
  6. Bulgarian Bag Swings
  7. Ham Pullins on slide board
  8. Ham Pullins on Ball
  9. Ham Pullins on Keg
  10. Incline Sit Up W/Ball
  11. Keg Curl and Press
  12. Chair Push Up Hold

Third: Core/Abs

Perhaps this wasn’t “necessary” but what the hell…

Crunches 100

Leg Raises 100


11th workout of the year, 2/4/2012.

Music: Jimi Hendrix.  T-shirt: 2012 Alien.

This workout uses a loop of gold Theraband. It’s the strongest band they make.

You can do the workout without the band…however if you have one you’ll have a completely different experience.

First: Monster Walk/Lunge Variations w/Gold Theraband

Sideways 2 x 25 Yards

Lunge w/Tband 2 x 25 Yards

Rear Lunges w/Tband 2 x 25 Yards

Sideways Quick Hops 2 x 25 Yards

Broad Jumps 2 x 25 Yards

Jump Up/Jump Out 2 x 25 Yards

Jump Up/Jump Out/Burpee 2 x 25 Yards

Sideways/Squat/Touch Floor 2 x 25 Yards

Sideways w/Twist 2 x 25 Yards

Sideways w/Twist/Squat/Touch Floor 2 x 25 Yards

Sideways w/Twist/Burpee 2 x 25 Yards

Sideways w/Walkout Push Ups 2 x 25 Yards

Second: Core/Abs w/Tband around ankles

Crunches 50

Long Sit Sit Ups 25

Leg Raises Top 25

Leg Raises Middle 25

Leg Raises Lower 25

Leg Raises Full 25

Bridges 2 x 25

Side Hip/Leg Raise 10 Each Side

Hand to Opposite Foot 25 Each Side


62nd workout of the year, 6/13/2011.

Music: Alice Cooper. T-Shirt: Rob Zombie.

Coming into this Monday workout we weren’t too badly banged up from the weekend.

Some soreness but nothing huge like after some workouts.

Today is a birthday workout.

51 one is the magic (Betsy) number today!!

So how do we make 51 hard?

I guess another question would be: Should people over 50 do this kind of workout?

Or over 40…or 30?

Sure Why Not!!!

Warm Up:

No. Another day without a warm up.

The Workout:

  1. Crunches 51
  2. Squats 51
  3. Plate Upright Rows 51
  4. Feet On Wall Sit Ups 51
  5. Butt and Legs On Wall Sit Ups 51
  6. Plate Front Raises 51
  7. Chair Leg Raises 51
  8. Ground Up Push Ups 51
  9. Long Lunges 51
  10. Plate Pushes 51
  11. Single Leg Squats 51
  12. Plate Presses 51
  13. Chair Jump Squats 51
  14. Plate Curls 51
  15. Chair Bridges 51
  16. Front Kick Over Chair 51
  17. Incline Push Ups 51
  18. High Kick Over Chair 51
  19. Triceps Dips 51
  20. 3 Tap Sit Ups 51
  21. Burpees 51

Nothing like saving burpees for last!

Rep total today: 1275


You got to be kidding me!


60th workout of the year, 6/8/2011.

Music: The Who and Classic Rock Mix. T-Shirt: The Who.

Everyone was tapped after the last workout which was all body weight. So I think we’ll do something even harder and longer (that’s what s……..).

We did this type of workout a few times in the past. This workout was inspired by Jack LaLanne.

All body weight using only one tool.

A chair.

Usually we workout for about an hour give or take a few minutes. This one took about 65 or 70 minutes.

Warm Up:

No…again not today.

The workout:

20 Exercises, 4 cycles, 116 total sets, 1860 total reps

Decline Push Ups 15

Chair Lunge 25 Each Side

One Leg Squats 25 Each Side

Incline Push-ups 15

One Leg Squats/Leg On Chair 25 Each Side

Chair Burpees 10

90/90 Chair Crunches 25

Decline Push Up Hops 10

Step Ups 15 Each Side

Triceps Dips 15

One Leg Toe Hops/Leg On Chair 25 Each Side

Hip Bridge 15

Chair Squats 25

Chair Jump Squats 15

Side Crunches 15 Each Side

Quick Leg Swings Chair 10 Each Side

Leg Raises 25

Lemon squeezers 25

1 Leg Hip Bridge 10 Each Side

Chair Toe Taps 10 Each Side




You got to be kidding me!


58th workout of the year, 6/4/2011.

Music: Jimmy Buffet. T-Shirt: A take off of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.

So a little sore from the last awesome workout but not as bad as it coulda/woulda/shoulda been.

So time for something a bit different. Just a bit.

Time for another All Core Saturday but some of it in a circuit fashion.

It didn’t start out like that. That isn’t what I had planned. But that is how it evolved. Always great when that happens.

Something here for everyone and by the way there is a lot here for no one. Do not attempt this at home. For entertainment purposes only!

Warm Up:

No…not today. Straight to the Ab/Core/Posterior Chain Circuit!


Core/Abs/Posterior Chain Circuit #1

7 Stations, 30 Sec for Max Reps, 2 Cycles

  1. Ball Crunches
  2. Hanging Leg Raises
  3. Bench Bridges
  4. Table Holds
  5. Ab Pullins on Slideboard
  6. Plank Holds
  7. Step Hip Ups

Core/Abs/Posterior Chain Circuit #2

7 Stations, 30 Sec for Max Reps, 2 Cycles

  1. Hanging Knee Raises
  2. Table One Leg Holds
  3. Ball Pullins
  4. Ab Pullins on Slideboard
  5. Bench Leg Raises
  6. Plate Good Mornings
  7. Plank to Side Plank

Plate Core Stuff

2 Straight Sets for each exercise.


  •      Twists 20
  •      Pullthroughs 10
  •      Plate Push 20


  •      Plate Overhead Leg Raises 20
  •      Twists 20
  •      Plate Overhead Lemon Squeezers 20

Lying down

  •      Plate Overhead Arms Extended Leg Raises 20
  •      Sit Ups 10
  •      Plate to Toes 20