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image13Workout for 10-31-2016


Music: John Fogerty

So this happened on Halloween this year.

A big variety of stuff going on.

Just a bunch of adults at play.image1

But not “X” rated.

Do they even have “X” ratings any longer?

FIRST CIRCUIT: 13 Stations, 10 Reps

Incline Bench Alternate Arms

Alternate DB Curls image3

One Arm Band Overhead Press

One Arm KB Swing

Alternate Arm Pushdown

Swiss Ball crunches Alternate Arm w/ball overhead

Bridge Reachbacks feet on small kegimage4

Jump Squat to chair push ups

One arm upright rows

Football drill hop over stuff

Alternate skateboard rollouts

Sit Up Reachbacksimage9

Inverted Row, side to side

SECOND CIRCUIT: Same Circuit at 12 Reps Each

So it’s getting a bit more difficult.

Heck a lot more difficult.

Amazing what just a couple of reps will do!image7


Why is this called “Shoulder Burns”?

Because your shoulders will burn like HELL!

Shoulder Burns. 31 Movements.

30 sec each movement. Max Reps.image14

  1. Military Press
  2. Small circles forward
  3. Small circles backward
  4. Shoulder in ABD, flex/ext elbow
  5. Shoulder in ABD, flex/ext elbow, then forward
  6. Pinches up
  7. Shoulder Abduction Top 1/3image15
  8. Wrist Circles Forward
  9. Wrist Circles Backward
  10. Pinches down
  11. Arm Circles In Front Medial
  12. Arm Circles In Front External
  13. Pinches front
  14. Shoulder Abduction Bottom 1/3image16
  15. Wrist curls up
  16. Shoulder Abduction Middle
  17. Wrist curls down
  18. Shoulder Abduction Full
  19. Wrist curls front
  20. External/Internal rotation stop sign
  21. Bent elbows frontimage18
  22. Bent elbows overhead
  23. Chicken Wing
  24. Straight arm front palms down Swinging sideways
  25. Straight arm front palms up Swinging sideways
  26. Straight arm front palms down, up and down, top 3rd
  27. Straight arm front palms up, up and down, top 3rd
  28. Push awaysimage19
  29. Shoulder “Ys” top
  30. Shoulder “Ts” top
  31. Clap overhead

Followed by 25 Ground up push ups. Which doesn’t feel so good after all the shoulder stuff!

FOURTH THING: Cobra Push Ups and Burpees!

Why? Because we had time!image20

10 cobra pushups – 1 Burpee

9 cobra pushups – 2 Burpees

8 cobra pushups – 3 Burpees

7 cobra pushups – 4 Burpees

6 cobra pushups – 5 Burpeesimage21

5 cobra pushups – 6 Burpees

4 cobra pushups – 7 Burpees

3 cobra pushups – 8 Burpees

2 cobra pushups – 9 Burpees

1 cobra pushup – 10 Burpeesimage22

FIFTH THING: Medicine Ball Ab/Core Stuff

Why again? Because there were still some minutes on the clock!!

10 Medicine Balls, 6-24 LBS

Seated Leg Raises, 10 reps each ball

Ball to Knees Crunches, 5 reps each ballimage23

Sit Up, Twists, 3 reps each ball




Image14Workout for 1-14-2015
Music: Black Stone Cherry
T-Shirt: I Found This Humerus.

Med folks will understand the shirt.
So today we hit the weights again.
Still changing it up every day.

Cause we’re not tied to dogma.

DB Ladders…
We’ve done these before but not like this!Image1

First: DB Squat

DBs from 10 to 55 Pounds
1 rep, 1 arm, Repeat 4 times total
And move up the ladder

This makes you squat more times and doing the unilateral stuff makes your body “think” a bit more of what’s going on.Image5

Stimulates the core as well to stabilize the body.

Second: DB Clean and Press

Clean the DB to the shoulder and shove it overhead.
That’s it.
But you still have to squat down between each rep, pick up the other DB, and continue through all the sets of DBs.Image8

Third: DB Curls

Squat down, pick up the DB, curl it to the shoulder, bend/squat down, pick up the other DB, and continue.

Fourth: DB Stiff Leg Dead Lifts

Bend over, knees straight, pick up one DB, stand, lower, repeat on the other side.Image13

Fifth: DB Curl and Press

Combo movement of three things.
Squat, pick up DB, curl DB, press DB overhead, squat down, pick up other DB, and repeat.

Sixth: DB Rows

Too easy on this one. That’s why it’s toward the end.Image21

Seventh: Goblet Squats

Harder than I thought it was going to be. Probably from all the squatting!



Image1Workout for 3/6/2013.

Music: Some kind of country stuff, Randy beat me to the CD player. T-shirt: Zombie.

Giving the hams and quads a rest.

Gonna beat up on the calves.

Well that and a couple other places!

First: Agility Ladder DrillsImage2

Not because they’re a great thing to do but because we don’t do them all the time and heck it’s cold in here.

Hard to do these wrong. Just make a pattern up if you want to.

Second: Up and Down the Dumbbell Ladder

Dumbbells from 20 – 55 poundsImage3

5 Reps each DB

Heel Raises

Toe Hops

Upright Rows

Shoulder ShrugsImage8

Third: Abs and Calves Circuit

9 Ab/Core Exercise Stations

20 Toe Hops between each station


Side Hip UpsImage12

Incline Sit Ups

Incline Leg Raises

Ketttlebell Sit Ups

T-band Crunches

Big Wheel RolloutsImage13

Small Wheel Rollouts

Foot to Bar Leg Raises

Fourth: Optional Stretching

The whole stretching thing is in there…just speeded up. To lazy to edit!


32nd workout of the year, 4/4/2012.

Music: Mothers Finest. T-shirt: Fight Club.

“Again? I thought you didn’t do the same workout twice in a row.”

I don’t. The “technique” is the same.

The exercises are not!

Again, start with the lightest DB and go heavier.

You can go all the way through 14 set of dumbbells or stop at the heaviest set that allows you to complete 5 reps. Stay at that weight until all 14 sets are done.


One Arm DB Short Lunges

14 sets 5 reps Each

Up and Down the Ladder

Hits about everything in the body!


DB Bent Over Rows

14 sets 5 reps Each

Up and Down the Ladder


One Arm DB Squats

14 sets 5 reps Each

Up and Down the Ladder

Another all body hitter!


Optional Stretching

Well why not?

Heck we had about 10 minutes to kill.


30th workout of the year, 3/28/2012.

Music: Hits from 1969. T-shirt: Santa Fe Brewing.

Time for some stuff we’ve never done.

And some we haven’t done in a long while.

I think I’ll be sore after this.

First: Standing Heel Taps

Never did this before. Wasn’t hard but did get a bit of heart action going.

Looks goofy. May not do it again…then again you never know!!

Outer Heel Taps Same Side 25 Each Side

Inner Heel Taps Same Side 25 Each Side

Inner Heel Taps Opposite Heel 25 Each Side

Second: Lunge Stuff

Just a new variation of lunges.

Touching the floor creates a bit of a harder dynamic.

Short Lunge Touch Floor 2 Set 25 Each Side

Long Lunge Touch Floor 2 Sets 25 Each Side

Short Lunge Touch Floor More Upright All the Way Up 1 Set 10 Each Side

Long Lunge Touch Floor More Upright 1 All the way  Up Set 10 Each Side

Third: DB Ladders A few kettlebells thrown in as well!

We haven’t done these in a while.

Not because they aren’t valuable but because we haven’t had enough dumbbells! Now we have a few more and more are coming soon!

Start with the lowest DB, which means there will be a warm up, and go heavier.

You can go all the way through 14 of them or stop at the heaviest set that allows you to complete 5 reps. Stay at that weight until all 14 sets are done.

Only 8 sets for the curls though.

Why 14 set? Because that’s how many we had!

14 sets 5 reps Each

DB Push Press Up and Down

DB Upright Rows Up and Down

8 Sets 5 Reps Each

DB Curls Up and Down

Fourth: Core/Abs

Crunches 50

Leg Raises 50

One Leg Bridges 25 Each Side


25th workout of the year, 3/12/2012.

Music: Sly and the Family Stone.  T-shirt: Big Dead Stinky Fish.

Time to celebrate another birthday!! Yet again!!

And today “58” is the magic birthday number.

Another conditioning workout that didn’t look so bad on paper.

Well…it was.

First: “Cardio” Circuit Training

12 Exercises

30 Sec Each Station, Max Reps

58 Second Wall Run Between Each Exercise

That’s like doing 12 sprints…

This was one of the most exhausting things we’ve done.

Plate Front Raise

Inverted Row

DB Curl

Prowler Push

KB 1 Arm Up Squats

Bulgarian Bag Swings

Ham Pullins on slide board

Ham Pullins on Ball

Ham Pullins on Keg

Incline Sit Up W/Ball

Keg Curl and Press

Chair Push Up Hold

Second:  Same 13 Station Circuit

With a small change. No running this time.

We burned up the calves with what we are calling “Toe Hops”.

58 Seconds of them  between each station

  1. Plate Front Raise
  2. Inverted Row
  3. DB Curl
  4. Prowler Push
  5. KB 1 Arm Up Squats
  6. Bulgarian Bag Swings
  7. Ham Pullins on slide board
  8. Ham Pullins on Ball
  9. Ham Pullins on Keg
  10. Incline Sit Up W/Ball
  11. Keg Curl and Press
  12. Chair Push Up Hold

Third: Core/Abs

Perhaps this wasn’t “necessary” but what the hell…

Crunches 100

Leg Raises 100


19th workout of the year, 2/27/2012.

Music: Isley Brothers.  T-shirt: The Beatles.

There were a few “themes” for tonight’s workout.

Fun? I don’t think so!

One: Body Weight

Two: The Number 15.

Three: The Number 30.

Four: Pain.

Yep, wasn’t much fun.

First: Ground Up Push Ups Clap behind back

The behind the back “clap” was to totally deactivate the arms, shoulders and chest before we did a rep.

And we only did 15 reps.

There was a “catch”, as usual.

We did one push up every 30 Seconds.

We did 15 Push Ups…but we did one every 30 seconds.

Second: Bridges

We did 15 of these.

We held the bridge position with toes up for 30 seconds then came down for a second break.

This starts out easy.

Then your legs and glutes start lighting on fire!

Third: Sit Ups

We did a full sit up and came backwards to a tension point in the abs.

As time went on the hip flexors and quads got hit as well.

We did 15.

Fourth: Squats

These hurt.

We did a full squat.

Then we came up to where the thighs were parallel to the floor.

We held that position for 30 seconds, with our fingers touching the floor.


Five: Planks

The core was melting.

The planks sent it over the edge.

We held the plank position for 30 seconds then down and up again.

Again 15 Reps.

Six: Leg raises

We had an option to do either seated leg raises or supine leg raises.

Some did a little of both.

We did one leg raise every 30 seconds.

The “rest” phase was with the legs in the up position.

Quads, hip flexors, and abs…all burning up!