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106th workout of the year, 10/26/2011.

Music: Def Leppard. T- Shirt: The Flash.

We were all still sore from the last unconventional workout.

So I decided we would do another unconventional session doing just one exercise.

Yep. Just one exercise.

For an hour.

It just so happens that today is a birthday workout as well.

So the years (52) dictated the amount of reps for the one measly exercise.

Really, I know it sounds easy enough.

As usual…it wasn’t.

Not at all.

Nor was it fun.

But we did it. And I’m thinking we probably won’t do it again…

Or will we?

So what did we do?

Monster Walks.

With Gold Theraband.

52 times.

That is 52 times on a 25 yard track.

That’s a lot of burn to the glutes and thighs!



22nd workout of the year, 2/21/2011.

Music: ZZ Top. T-Shirt: Plays Well With Others.

Having been devastated by Joe Hashey’s Push Up Challenge we have been incorporating the protocol for several different exercises. The protocol makes all of the exercises tougher. The last workout was bang up tough for the whole body…again.

In keeping up with our philosophy of always changing things up (another expression is “pure chaos”) we left the Hashey Protocol for other realms of body redesign.

Today we used the plates (45, 35 or 25 pounders) again.

Warm Up: Agility Ladder Drills.

The way we do this warms up the whole body. And since we always work the whole body why not have a whole body warm up? Makes sense to me. Of course then again…we don’t always do a warm up!

Next: Monster Walks 50 Yards.

I can’t remember why I call these Monster Walks. I could call them half squat hip abduction sideways walking but I like Monster Walks better.

For this one we use the toughest theraband made: Gold. The band goes around the ankles and then you squat slightly as you walk sideways down the track. The glutes, hip and quads get hit pretty good. The lower back/core also is engaged.

Next: Monster Walks Plate Push 50 Yards.

Same Monster Walk but with a twist. We carried a weight plate in our hands. We held the plate chest level and pushed it out and back with each stretch of the theraband. So this gets some more upper body action combined with the lowers. Specifically it’ll hit your shoulders, upper traps, lower back, biceps and just a smidgen triceps.

Next: Monster Walks Plate Overhead Press 50 Yards.

Same Monster Walk but with another twist.

The weight was in our hands again but held overhead. With each stretch of the theraband we pressed the plate overhead. As we walked sideways the plate was held overhead with a slight bend of the elbows. This put a good stress to the shoulder and triceps.

Next: Monster Hops Forward with Plate 50 Yards.

Same Monster Walk set up but we hopped forward.

The weight was held close to the upper body.

Next: Monster Hops Backward with Plate 50 Yards.

Same Monster Walk set up but we hopped backward. The weight was held close to the upper body just like the other hops.

Next: Core/Abs

We kept the theraband on the ankles the whole time for core work. Doing so gives the body just one more thing to deal with during all this chaos.

  1. Plank Legs Wide 1 Minute
  2. One Leg Plank 30 Sec Each Leg
  3. One Arm Plank 30 Sec Each Side
  4. Side Crunches 25 Each Side
  5. Up the Middle Crunches 25
  6. Leg Raises Top 1/3 25
  7. Leg Raises Middle 1/3 25
  8. Leg Raises Bottom 1/3 25
  9. Leg Raises Floor to Top 25
  10. Seated Leg Raises 25
  11. Lemon Squeezers 25