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Image14Workout for 9/24/2014

T-Shirt: Size Matters Not – Yoda
Music: Steppenwolf again?!

Functional Exercise.

A term that has been in vogue for a few years.

It seems that everyone has a take on what “functional exercises” are but really any exercise could be labled as “functional”. Hell if I usually have a 12 oz. beer but I rally up to 28 oz I’ve just progressively increased my intensity and functionally speaking that could help me drink more. Not to mention the stability the “exercise” provides at the wrist, elbow, and shoulder!

If you Google “Functional Exercises” the following are the top four (today 9/25/2014) sites. While one article may be “better” than another it really doesn’t matter. This is what you’d get…essentially just exercise. Nothing fancy. At least there wasn’t a Bosu or TRX in the top four!

So what is functional to me? I like to describe it as “movements your body does in life”. So I have a list of 18 Actions I consider functional today…tomorrow I may add a couple more.

Here’s what I have: Crawling, Rolling, Jumping, Lifting, Carrying, Stepping, Running, Toss/Throwing, Squatting, Getting off the floor, Pushing, Pulling, Grabbing/Gripping, Kicking, Punching, Kneeling, Walking, Balancing.

This workout has all the above. Shit I even threw in an Overhead Squat for the FMS people…even though it isn’t really functional at all. I haven’t ever had reason in my everyday life to do a squat with something over my head!

Just some exercise info: The dumbbells go from 15s to 55s. One keg is 32 pounds another is 83 pounds. The piece of luggage is around 30 pounds. We ran outside of the warehouse after each circuit. The 2 x 4 is 10 feet long and warped. Guess that’s enough info for now.

First: Functional Circuit 1Image4

Dumbbell Squat Ladder
Jump Up/Jump Out
Dumbbell Straight Leg Deadlift Ladder
Run 200 Yards

Second: Functional Circuit 2Image6

Dumbbell Triceps Extension Ladder
Crawl on Back
Keg and Case Carry
Dumbbell Curl Ladder
Run 200 Yards

Third: Functional Circuit 3Image25

Dumbbell Rows
Squats to Ball Bar Overhead
Squats with Medicine Ball Toss Overhead
Squats with Medicine Ball In Front
Medicine Ball Toss
Bench Step Ups Forward
Bench Step Ups Sideways
Dumbbell Floor Press LadderImage18
Run 200 Yards

Fourth: Functional Circuit 4

Dumbbell Upright Row Ladder
High Kick Over Chair
Front Kick Over Chair
Punches w/Band
Walk on 2 x 4Image11
Lunges on 2 x 4
Kneeling Lunges
Lay on Floor and Get Up
Dumbbell Press Ladder
Run 200 Yards




39th workout of the year, 5/9/2012.

Music: Hits from 1967. T-Shirt: 21st Amendment Brewery.

Still running behind in my exercise blogging. But I do have all the videos.

So the workouts will continue to be documented.

Whether you (or me) like it or not!!

First: Agility Ladders

Just trying to do something a little different…get the blood flowing.

Course it is fairly warm for spring.

Just part of living down south.

Second: Inchworms With Push Ups and Crabwalks

Just what it says.

Haven’t done these in a long while.

Been busy with some other stuff.

Makes this harder when we return to it.

Try it at home…or heck do it at the gym…what the heck!

Third: Core/Abs

  • Hands to Wall Sit Ups 25
  • Leg Raises to Wall 25
  • Hands to Wall Sit Ups 20
  • Leg Raises to Wall 20

Fourth: Ham/Glute Circuit Training

12 Exercises, 2 Cycles

30 Sec Each Station for Max Reps

Yeah…the video says 11 exercises…but there were 12.

Don’t want to short change ourselves now…do we?

Ball Hamstring Curls

Slideboard Hamstring Curls

Keg Hamstring Curls

Furniture Slider Hamstring Curls

Single Leg Furniture Slider Hamstring Curls

Foam Roller Hamstring Curls

Bridge Holds on Chair

Unilateral Bridge Holds

Barbell Hip Thrusts

Kettlebell Swings

Bridges on Bench

Wall Sits

Fifth: Now pushups with the “Hashey Protocol”!

“Rest” position is at the top!

  • Minute 1 – 1 every 5 seconds
  • Minute 2 – 1 every 10 seconds
  • Minute 3 – 1 every 15 seconds
  • Minute 4 – 1 every 20 seconds
  • Minute 5 – 1 every 15 seconds
  • Minute 6 – 1 every 10 seconds
  • Minute 7 – 1 every 5 seconds

Sixth: Tabata Style Squats

Maximum amount of reps for 20 Seconds.

Then you get a 10 Second break.

Only to repeat the process 8 times total.

This will take less than 8 minutes.

But it will feel like a lot more than that!!!


10th workout of the year, 1/25/2012.

Music: John Mayer.  T-shirt: MMA.

Legs: Still sore from the last workout.

What are we gonna do?

Option #1: Do something other than legs.

Option #2: Do more leg stuff.

We opted for #2!!

First: Long Lunges 2 x 25 Yards

Wasn’t fun. Not at all.

But…whoever said exercise was supposed to be fun?!

Second: 12 Push Up Variations

A little upper body stuff before we get back to the legs…

10 Reps Each.

Yeah. Only 10. Doesn’t sound like much.

Wait til you get to the last one.

  • Regular Push Up
  • Clapping Push Up
  • Whole Body Jump Push Up
  • Cobra Push Up
  • Wide Push Up
  • Close Push Up
  • Ground Up Push Up
  • Rotation Push Up
  • Push Up Knee To Elbow
  • Push Up Side Toe Taps
  • Push Up Mtn Climber
  • Push Up Mtn Climber to Hands

Third: 18 Squat/Lunge Variations

20 Reps Each

  • Wide Squats
  • Regular Squats
  • Feet Together Squats
  • Twist Touch Floor Squats
  • Prisoner Squats Knee to Elbow
  • Short Lunges
  • Long Lunges
  • Jump Land Wide Fingers to Floor
  • Squat Jumps
  • Cross Over Lunges
  • Cross Over Rear Lunges
  • Cross Over Rear Lunges Touch Floor
  • Cross Over Rear Lunges Rear Leg Raise
  • Cross Over Rear Lunge Touch Floor Straighten Knee
  • Side Lunges
  • Side Lunge Left to Right
  • Bottoms Up Squats
  • Squat Rock on Toes

Fourth: Bridge Variations

(B) Bridges 5 x 20

Unilateral Bridges Low Leg 1 x 20

Unilateral Bridges High Leg 1 x 20

(B) Bridges Leg Lower 1 x 20

Bridges 1 Every 15 Seconds for 5 Minutes


9th workout of the year, 1/23/2012.

Music: The Radio.  T-shirt: Raleigh, NC.

No circuit training today.Nope…all body weight stuff…and mainly legs.

Time to crank up the creative mind and come up with a great workout!!

This is really a killer thigh and butt workout. 

And the great thing is, you can do it anywhere.

Even at home!

First: Agility Ladder Drills

To get a little warmed up we resorted to the ladders again.

Not a bad thing, not a great thing…just a thing!

Second: Squat and Lunge Variations

Wide Squats 20

Regular Squats 20

Feet Together Squats 20

Long Lunges 10 Each Side

Short Lunges 10 Each Side

Squat Jumps 20

Cross Over Lunges 10 Each Side

Twist Touch Floor Squats 10 Each Side

Knuckle Drag Squats 20

Lunge Squat Jump 10 Each Side

Third: Walking Lunge Variations

Long Lunges 2 x 25 Yards

Short Lunges 2 x 25 Yards

Long Lunge, Lean Back, Twist 2 x 25 Yards

Long Lunge Front Floor Touch 2 x 25 Yards

Long Lunge Floor Touch Inside 2 x 25 Yards

Long Lunge Floor Touch Outside 2 x 25 Yards

Backwards Long Lunge 2 x 25 Yards

Knees to Floor Lunge 2 x 25 Yards

Fourth: Core/Abs

  • Upper ¼ Crunch 10
  • ½ Sit Ups 10
  • ¾ Sit Ups 10
  • Full Sit Ups 10
  • Full Sit Ups 10
  • ¾ Sit Ups 10
  • ½ Sit Ups 10
  • Upper ¼ Crunch 10
  • Low Leg Raises 25
  • Top 1/3 Leg Raises 25
  • Middle 1/3 Leg Raises 25
  • Full Leg Raises 25


126th workout of the year, 12/21/2011.

Music: George Thorogood.  T-shirt:.South Park, Happy Holidays!

Gotta get some holiday workouts in…too much food and drink coming along!!

First: Core/Ab Stuff:

Crunches 50

Leg Raises 50

Push Up Position Feet on Wall 1 minute x 2

Push Up Position Feet on Wall 30 Sec x 2

Second: Push Up Variety

3 Cycles

Floor 1/3 Up 10

Top 1/3 10

Ground Up 10

Third: Some Squatting Activity

Bottoms Up Squats 50

Bottoms Up Squats To Parallel 50

Fouth: “Hashey Protocol” For Push Ups

Minute 1 – 1 Push Up every 5 seconds

Minute 2 – 1 Push Up every 10 seconds

Minute 3 – 1 Push Up every 15 seconds

Minute 4 – 1 Push Up every 20 seconds

Minute 5 – 1 Push Up every 15 seconds

Minute 6 – 1 Push Up every 10 seconds

Minute 7 – 1 Push Up every 5 seconds

Fifth: 10 Stations Circuit Training 3 Cycles

Time? As long as it took the person dragging the sled.

Single Leg Squat

Ab Pullins

Wall Squat

Bulgarian Bag Swings


KB Swings

Leg Raise Static Hold

Medicine Ball Toss and Squat

Leg Raise Static Hold

Tire/Chain Pull


119th workout of the year, 12/5/2011.

Music: Metallica. T-Shirt: Rocky.

Still knocking out some body weight workouts.

After all, your body is a gym!

Today’s theme…well a few of us have been doing this crazy stuff for about 3 years.

So there you go…not based on the number 3…but 365!

First: 365 Reps (Burpees don’t count)

Ground Up Push Ups 4 x 25

Mountain Climbers 4 x 25

Squats 4 x 25

Crunches 65

Burpees 100

Second: 365 Reps (Burpees don’t count)

Wide Push Ups 4 x 25

Mountain Climbers Foot to Hand 25

Back to Wall Squats 4 x 25

Leg Raises 65

Burpees 100

Third:  365 Rep (What no burpees?)

Regular Push Ups 4 x 25

Mtn Climber Double Feet 4 x 25

Inchworm Position Squat  4 x 25

Seated Leg Raises 65


So we have to search for another place to continue our little sweat/vomit fests.

The previous facility that we used for sweating is no longer available.

Not a good thing or a bad thing.

Just a thing.

So the search begins.

The next JONESERCISE will be outdoors!

Mostly body weight stuff.

Gonna feel like a kid again!

Eventually we’ll get in a box, protected from the elements.

On the other hand…I can’t wait until it rains!!!!