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Image9Workout for 1-12-2015
Music: Crosby, Stills, and Nash
T-Shirt: Ask Your Doctor If Getting Off Your Ass Is Right For You

A lot of body weight stuff today.

Along with some “movement” stuff.

First: “Tabata Style” ExercisesImage1

In a nutshell: “Tabata Style” is doing max reps in 20 seconds. Then you get a 10 second break. You repeat this 8 times.

Doesn’t seem too bad…on paper!!

Max Reps, 20 sec on, 10 sec off

1. SquatsImage8
2. Bridges
3. Push Ups
4. Leg Raises
5. Lunges
6. Toe Hops

Yep…it was “bad”. But “bad” enough to do again…sometime!

Second: Movement StuffImage16

A bunch of different movement stuff.
You could call it dynamic flexibility, dynamic stretching, or just dynamic!

Full Squat, chair support, rock forward
Medium Lunge position, grab ankle of bent knee, rock forward, chair support
Long Lunge, lean backImage14
Long Lunge, hands to floor, come up, hamstring stretch front leg hand on toe, other hand still on floor
Long Lunge, hands to floor, come up, hamstring stretch front leg hand on toe, other hand still on floor, back down, hands to floor, then rotate opposite hand to ceiling, look at hand

Side Squat, chair support
Sit on Chair, #4, push knee down, then lean forwardImage18

Full Squat and push knee out, chair support
Full Squat and push out both knees with both elbows
Full Squat and, thumbs up/two fists, head to thumb/fist
Knees on floor, groin stretch

Table position hip rotation in/out, on toes, knees to floor
Squat hip rotations, knee to floor for IR (may need a chair or hands on floor)Image19

Full squat, slide left leg back and right arm forward, chest to floor

All 4s, knee to chest, then all the way back
All 4s, knee bent, hip rotations, in/out
All 4s, leg straight, leg rotations in/out

Bridge, heels by butt, hold onto heels, go up onto heelsImage21
Bridge, heels by butt, hold onto heels, up onto toes
Bridge up onto toes, and reach back




Image3Workout for 5/17/2014

Music: Queen.

T-shirt: Made in 1957: All Original Parts.

And now for something different.
Sometimes you have to create time to recover.
This may mean not doing anything or doing “some things” on a lesser scale.
Today was one of those days.Image6

Instead of completely staying out of the gym or doing an abbreviated workout we decided to “fix” some issues that were bothering us.

For me…my back and right shoulder were a bit stiff. Others had some stiffness and soreness issues as well. One had really bad back pain and stiffness. Another had a tremendous amount of delayed onset muscular soreness (DOMS) from a Image1few days ago.

We were gonna fix it all!

First: TMR

Or Total Motion Release…
Essentially the body gets “released” through movement.
The “movement” can and does affect other parts of the body.Image5
Hence it’s important to monitor and “re-test” issue areas.
While it may look like there is no sequence for what we are doing…there is!!

After a few minutes everyone was moving better. Sometimes this is just a nice way to get “loosened up” prior to a workout.

Today it fixed some things…the really severe back got 98% better subjectively. Objectively her bending forward went from “hands on upper thighs” to fingertips on floor. Image11The DOMS person subjectively got 95% better and was able to squat without assistance (makes going to the restroom much easier!).
For more info on this kind of thing go to this website: