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8th workout of the year, 1/19/2011.

The last workout was great. Everyone came back still talking about it.

Mainly not wanting to repeat it any time soon!

So today was a day to tackle the body that was still in recovery.

The best way to recover is not to lay around but to move.

So move we did. Peripheral Heart Action, another circuit type stuff.

Music: The Beatles (part 2) and Queen.

T-shirt: Everyday is Training Day. And it is…for the mind and body!

First: 10 Stations. 30 Sec Max Reps, 2 Cycles

  1. DB Incline Press
  2. Bosu Squats Up
  3. Bosu Squats Down
  4. Inverted Rows
  5. Jump Rope
  6. Medicine Ball Throw
  7. Barbell Curls
  8. Vertimax Laterals
  9. Step Ups
  10. Ab Pullins Feet With Push Up

Second: 10 Stations, 30 Sec Max Reps, 2 Cycles

  1. Medicine Ball Toss Quick Side Switch
  2. Upright Rows
  3. Bosu Up Push Up
  4. Bosu Down Push Up
  5. Jump Rope
  6. Plate Raises
  7. Ab Pullins Hands
  8. Low Squats
  9. DB Flyes
  10. Inverted Rows

Core/Abs: 50 reps on everything

  1. Hip Ups
  2. Leg Raises Top 1/3
  3. Leg Raises Top 2/3
  4. Leg Raises Floor to top
  5. Reverse Crunch with Hip Ups

And the video: