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Image21Workout for 5-18-2016

T-Shirt: Puddys Auto Repair

Music: Stars on 45

Today was not fun.

All we did was burpees.

325 of them.Image7

Yep 325 burpees.

13 different variations.

4 Cycles of 13 Variations

10 Reps

7 RepsImage8

5 Reps

3 Reps


  1. Regular Burpees
  2. Burpees Roll Right/Left
  3. Burpees On Medicine BallImage9
  4. Burpees Shoot Feet Onto Chair
  5. Burpees With a Push Up
  6. Burpees To Full Squat and Jump
  7. Burpees Push Up on Medicine Ball
  8. Burpees Twist Jump
  9. Burpees Opposite Hand to Foot
  10. Burpees With Lunge HopsImage15
  11. Burpees With Rotation Push Ups
  12. Burpees With Ground Up Push Ups
  13. Burpees Step by Step Slow


And that my friends was quite enough!



Image30Workout for 5-14-2016

T-Shirt: Trust Me A Jedi I Am

Music: Metallica

Another workout than could be done at  your house.

Just need a band around your ankles/lower legs.

We use Gold TheraBand.Image1

This color is the stiffest the company makes.

Lots of lower body work on this one!

First Round:

Stiff Leg Forward Walk

Stiff Leg Backward WalkImage4

Stiff Leg Sideways Walk

Forward Lunge

Backward Lunge

Athletic Position Sideways Walk

Athletic Position Forward WalkImage5

Athletic Position Backward Walk

Sideways Hops

Forward Hops

Backward Hops

Jump Up/Jump OutImage8

Second Round:


Push Ups Walk Sideways

Inchworms Backward

Push Up, RollImage14

Third Round:

Crab Walk Forward

Crab Walk Backward

Crab Walk Sideways

Fourth Round:Image18

Push Up Postion Side Hops

Inchworm Mountain Climber

Inchworm Frog Hop

Inchworm Frog Hop, Jump Up

Inchworm Forward, Jump 180, Inchworm Backward Jump 180Image20

Fifth Round:

Stiff Leg Sideways Walk with 180 Twist

Athletic Position Sideways Walk with 180 Twist

Athletic Position Sideways Walk with 180 Hop

Push Up Position Sideways Walk, Band Around WristsImage23

Push Up, Sideways Walk, Band Around Wrists


Image40Workout for 5-4-2016

T-Shirt: 42

Music: Boston then some kinda mix that Randy walked in with.

A nonstop workout with 61 exercises.

No scheduled breaks.

Just a full hour of movement.Image1

No need for a gym.

The only equipment needed: A Chair!

The Only Round:

  1. Squats Wide 20
  2. Squats Feet Just Outside Chair Legs 20Image4
  3. Squats Feet Just Inside Chair Legs 20
  4. Squats Feet Together 20
  5. Squats Left Foot In Front of Right 20
  6. Squats Right Foot In Front of Left 20
  7. Lunge Squat Left Foot In Front of Right 20
  8. Lunge Squat Right Foot In Front of Left 20
  9. Bridges Feet on Chair 50Image6
  10. Crunches Feet on Chair 50
  11. One Leg Bridges 20 Each Side
  12. Chest to Chair Push Ups 20
  13. Chair Lunge 20 Each Side
  14. Side Chair Lunge 20 Each Side
  15. Feet on Chair Push Ups 10
  16. Chair Jump Squats 20Image9
  17. Lunge Squat Jumps 10 Each Side
  18. Chair Lemon Squeezers 20
  19. Chair Seated Leg Raises 20
  20. Grab Toes, Butt Up Squats 20
  21. Kick Over Chair “Out to In” 10 Each Side
  22. Kick Over Chair “In to Out” 10 Each Side
  23. Chair Burpee 10Image12
  24. Jump Hands to Knees 10
  25. Chair Burpee With Push Up 10
  26. Chair Dips 10
  27. Side Hip Ups 10 Each Side
  28. Toe Taps 10 Each Side
  29. Feet on Chair Push Up Position Hops 20
  30. Burpee, Feet Shoot onto Chair, 10Image19
  31. Foot on Chair, One Leg Squat 10 Each Side
  32. Foot on Chair, One Toe Hops 20 Each Side
  33. Chair Burpee with Push Up 10
  34. Chair Side Hops 10 Each Side
  35. Front Kick Over Chair 10 Each Side
  36. Side Kick Over Chair 10 Each Side
  37. Single Leg Squats 10 Each SideImage21
  38. Chair Burpee With Push Up, Lift Chair Overhead 10
  39. Chair Burpee With Push Up, Lift Chair Overhead, Squat 10
  40. Foot on Chair, Knee to Floor Squat 10 Each Side
  41. Push Ups, Hand on Chair/Floor 5 Each Side
  42. Prisoner Squats 20
  43. Seated Leg Circles 10 Each SideImage31
  44. Chair Mountain Climbers 20
  45. Prisoner Squat Jumps 10
  46. Prisoner Squat Knee to Elbow 10 Each Side
  47. Prisoner Squat Knee to Opposite Elbow 10 Each Side
  48. One Leg Bridge, Tap Foot w/Opposite Hand 10 Each Side
  49. Butt Lifts, Feet on Chair 20Image42
  50. Butt Lifts, Feet on Chair, Leg Raise 10 Each Side
  51. Bridge on Chair-Crunch Combo 20
  52. Bridge on Chair, Opposite Knee to Elbow 10 Each Side
  53. One Leg Bridge on Chair, Opposite Knee to Elbow 10 Each Side
  54. Feet on Chair, Butt Up Push Ups 10Image28
  55. Feet on Chair, Butt Up to Walk Out Push Ups 10
  56. Rear Leg Raises 20 Each Side
  57. Knee Raise Over Chair 10 Each Side
  58. Prone on Chair, Rear Leg Raises 10
  59. Cross Legs Squats 20 Each Way
  60. Walkout Push Up, Squat and Jump 10
  61. Walkout Rotation Push Up, Squat and Jump 10


Image28Workout for 4-18-2016

T-Shirt:  A Totem Pole??

Music: Queen

Finally getting around to putting workouts online again.

Yep…still worked out…still filmed…just didn’t publish.

But hey…I’m back!

Well…for now!Image1

All body weight stuff today. A bit of vestibular stuff as well.

The heart rate was raised higher than it has been in a while.

Not that the workouts we’ve done were easy.

We just haven’t done something like this in a long time!


Inchworms with 1 push up then 2 up to 4

Long Lunges

Roll Arms Overhead

Short Lunges

Roll Arms At SideImage4

Side Lunges

Roll Arms Under Chest

Rear Lunges


Push Up Side WalkingImage11

Push Up Side Roll Butt Off Floor

Push Up Side Roll Butt On Floor


Lunge Hops

Side Lunge HopsImage6

Jump Up, Jump Out

Side Hops

Side Twist Hops

Backwards Hops

Crab Walk ForwardImage18


Jump Up, Jump Out, Burpee

Crab Walk Backward

Backwards Hop, Burpee

Crab Walk SidewaysImage13


Mountain Climber, Push Up, Roll

Mountain Climber, Push Up, Jump, Roll


Burpee, Sideways HopImage17

Seated Leg Raises, Roll



Image5Workouts for: 4/13,15,18/2015

Got lazy.
Oh, we still exercised but neglected the blog. Hopefully Floyd is OK…
Did some great and different (of course) types of work outs that some folks will hate…some folks will like…and some won’t care. Suits me!

Image27So the three workouts for this post are all based on a Tabata theme.
Essentially extrapolated from Dr. Izumi Tabata of The National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo. He developed a protocol to increase both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. “Tabata” workouts are brief, but extremely intense.

When I say we are doing “Tabatas” Meaning we take an Image36exercise and bust your ass for 20 seconds followed by a 10 second break. The process is repeated 8 times. So a less than 4 minute process.

Oh…it is tough…

And you can do this at home!


T-Shirt: Teamwork
Music: AC/DC

Bridging On Chair
Toe Hops
Seated Leg Raises
Prone Flutter KicksImage12
Prone Arm Flutters
Push Ups
Chair Mountain Climbers
Rear Chair Foot Climbs

T-Shirt: 21st Brewing
Music: Yngwie Malmsteen

Kick Over Chair Out to InImage19
Kick Over Chair In to Out
Seated Lemon Squeezers
Push Up Position Walks Side to Side
Supine Leg Raises
Bridge Reach Backs
Lunge Hops
Push Up Variety (Regular, Close, Offset Hands, Cobras)
Side Leg RaisesImage23
Prone Cross Flutters
Prone Shoulder Extension

T-Shirt: Mellow Mushroom
Music: White Stripes

Jump Squats
Double Chair Mountain ClimbersImage31
Chair Push Ups
Chair Flutter Kicks
Chair Lunges (Foot On Chair)
Chair Lunge Jumps
Chair Burpees (Lift Chair Overhead)
Seated Elbows to Knees
Chair Toe Taps
Knees to Opposite Elbow

And that is enough for now!


Image32Workout for 1-19-2015
Music: John Fogerty
T-Shirt: Big In Japan

Time for a boatload of Lunges!
A variety of them.
Well and some inchworms for a “break”.


Someone wrote about “increasing the intensity”.Image1
Apparently they haven’t tried one of these.
Course…it does look easy on paper!

The Beginning: Bodyweight Lunges and Inchworms

Long Lunge
Short Lunge
Inchworms w/One Pushup

Next: DB Lunges and InchwormsImage10

Using just one DB. This may create more stability in the core.

Long Lunges
Reverse Long Lunges

Short Lunges
Reverse Short Lunges

Inchworms with DBImage12

Subsequently: One DB Overhead (lighter DB)

With the DB overhead it forces the core to work even harder.

Long Lunges
Reverse Long Lunges

Short LungesImage18
Reverse Short Lunges

Inchworms with DB and Row (heavier DB)

Then: Some more stuff!

One DB Overhead Side Lunge
Goblet Squat Side Lunge
Backward Inchworms with DB (heavier DB)Image22

And Finally:

Goblet Squat Twisting Side Lunges
Goblet Squat Duck Walk Forward
Goblet Squat Duck Walk Backward
Backward Inchworms with DB and Row (heavier DB)

In Conclusion: Optional StretchingImage30

Yep…just some stretching.




Image15Workout for 12-1-2014
Music: Alice Cooper, Heart
T-Shirt: South Park, Happy Holidays

Today was just a “conditioning” day.
Conditioning for what?
Nothing specific.
How about just for life in general?
Works for us!

First: Conditioning DrillsImage1

For lack of a better “title”.

We did 15 exercises, twice, with lateral shuffles in between.

Push Ups
Sit Ups
Leg Raises
Walk Out Push Ups
Lunges L/R
Jump Squats
Diamond Push Ups
MTN Climbers Forward
MTN Climbers To Hand
MTN Climbers TwistingImage6
Push Ups Wide
Push Ups Close

Second: Variations of Grass Drills

That’s what we called them in southern high school football.
When I lived in Colorado we called them squat thrusts or burpees.Image17
Hell, I had no idea what the coach was talking about when he called out for “grass drills”!

They were just as bad as I remembered.
So “bad” I think we’ll be doing some more of these!

Regular 2 Reps
Regular with Lunge JumpsImage13
Two Tiered
Regular with Cobra Push Ups

Broke a sweat on that one!!