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18th workout of the year, 2/25/2012.

Music: Hits from 1973 (forgot to change the CD).  T-shirt: Rocky.

A little chilly today and moving a bit slow. Could have been the huge amount of pizza last night!

So we gotta warm up a bit.

First: Agility Ladder Drills

Easy enough for a warm up.

Of course it can be hard enough for a workout as we’ve seen in the past.

And I’m sure we’ll see it again…soon!

Maybe with a few burpees mixed in…

Second: The Wall Workout

Called the Wall Workout because all you need is a wall! No real equipment needed.

You can do this inside or outside.

Wall Sit: Spend 20 seconds in the sit position, recover for 10 seconds. Repeat the process 8 times. You’ll finish in less than 4 minutes

Push Up Position Feet On Wall: 20 Seconds in the “up” position, recover 10 seconds. Repeat the process 8 times. Again you’ll be done in under 4 minutes.

Single Leg Wall Sit: 10 Seconds on each leg, recover 10 seconds. Repeat 8 cycles. Still clock in under 4 minutes.

Standing Wall Push Ups: Max reps for 10 seconds on each arm, recover for 10 seconds. Repeat 8 times.

Plank Position Feet On Wall: 20 Seconds in the plank position, recover 10 seconds. Repeat the process 8 times. Done in under 4 minutes. (Forgot to turn on the camera for this one!)

Wall Run: 20 seconds moving your feet as fast as possible. Rest 10 seconds. Repeat 8 times.

Feet on Wall Sit Ups: Reach and touch the wall each rep. 2 x 25

Feet to Wall Leg Raises: Hit the wall with your feet each time. 2 x 25




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I think this is the second time I have not been able to post one of our exercise sessions.

Not because I was injured or lazy. Although it would have been the second workout since the pneumonia bug.


Had the video all edited.

So what happened?

Computer Crash!

So got another one.

Soon be back to normal (whatever that is)!

85th workout of the year, 8/15/2011.

Music: Hits of 1972 and 1973. T-Shirt: Synergy Athletics.

We get inspiration from a number of places.

Today’s workout was inspired by a blog post and video I saw on Joe Hashey’s website.

He had a variety of “woodchopping” exercises on a video.

While it was great I went ahead and added a few more.

Devastating it was.

First: Agility Ladder Drills

As usual just to get some blood flowing.

Second: Plate Complex

Part 1

5 Reps Each Side of Each Exercise In Order:

Bulgarian Squats W/Woodchoppers

Bulgarian Squat Position W/Woodchoppers

Reverse Lunge W/Woodchoppers

Reverse Lunge Position W/Woodchoppers

Squats W/Woodchoppers


Forward Lunge W/Woodchoppers

Forward Lunge Position W/Woodchoppers

Short Lunge W/Woodchoppers

Short Lunge Position W/Woodchoppers

Chair Step Ups W/Woodchoppers


Narrow Squats W/Woodchoppers


Wide Squats W/Woodchoppers


Third: More Plate Stuff On The Floor

Plate Complex Part 2

  1. Sit Up – Plate L to R, 5 Reps Each Side
  2. Plate Sit Up 10
  3. Leg Raises Extended Arms 20
  4. Plate Overhead Lemon Squeezers 20
  5. Plate to Feet 20
  6. Plate Overhead Seated Leg Raises 20
  7. Plate Crunches 10
  8. Reverse Crunch Plate Overhead 25
  9. Hip Ups Plate Overhead 25
  10. Seated Legs Up Plate Twists 10 Each Side
  11. One Leg Bridge Plate Overhead 20 Each Side


51st workout of the year, 5/16/2011.

Music: Van Halen. T-Shirt: JONESERCISE.

After all that jumping around last time I thought we’d get back to some type of “conventional’ conditioning…well sorta conventional anyway.

Lots of conditioning “cardio”. It wasn’t boring. If you weren’t doing the exercise you were recovering from it and dreading the next set.

The way that it is supposed to be!

Warm Up (if you want to call it that):

Long Lunges 2 x 25 Yards

Inchworms 2 x 25 Yards

High Kicks 2 x 25 Yards

The “Warm Up” was really a workout in and of itself. The lunges were fairly easy. The inchworms were not…not at all. Some of us did 10 push ups at each lay out and some did one push up for the first 25 yards and then 10 ground up push ups at the layout for the next 25 yards.

Yep the inchworms by themselves was a workout.

The high kicks…let’s call that a “cool down” for the “workout” within the warm up!


10 Push Ups/Sprint 50 Yards x 2

10 Sit Ups/ Sprint 50 Yards x 2

10 Burpees/ Sprint 50 Yards x 2

10 Burpees on Ball with Ball Slam/Sprint 50 Yards with ball

10 Squat Jumps with Ball Slam/Sprint 50 Yards with ball

20 Leg Raises/Sprint 50 Yards


A “suicide” drill then 20 Push Ups then 50 Yard Sprint.


24rd workout of the year, 2/26/2011.

Music: Mothers Finest. T-Shirt: Captain America.

After banging out a good circuit training day last time today is time for something different…again.

Our workout was a variation of Joe Hashey’s Push up Challenge.

Today was also special because two people had birthdays recently. 49 is the magic number today. Not because they turned 49 but it was close enough to their age and matched up well with today’s workout.

7 Exercises For 7 Minutes Each.

Yep the 7 Minute Massacre.

First: Push Ups

One push up every 15 seconds for 7 minutes. Simple little protocol. You do one push up and “rest” in the up position. Repeat.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? It is not!

Second: Squats

One squat every 15 seconds for 7 minutes. If you tried the push ups first you already know the squats will be killer. Wonder how many “athletes” will try this little devilish sequence?

Third: Planks

For the planks you have to hold the plank position for 15 seconds then release and back up again. Easier than the push ups and squats. Easy? No! But easier than the other two. Try it. You won’t like it.

Fourth: Plate Overhead Presses

Take a weight plate.

Say a 45, 35 or 25 pounder. Press it overhead. Let it come down about half way and hold it still over your head. Same sequence: One press every 15 seconds for 7 minutes.

Tough…really tough. Try this for entertainment purposes only!

Fifth: Plate Curls

Repeat with getting a plate to play with. You should be able to handle the same plate as you did with the presses. You will do a simple curl for the biceps. You’ll hold a static contraction for 15 seconds. Guess what? You’ll do one rep every 15 seconds for 7 minutes.

If you thought anything above was hard…you may not want to even try this one! But hey…don’t be a wimp. Try it!

Sixth: Sit Ups

I don’t want to get in a big discussion about whether people should or shouldn’t do sit ups. We do them. Not all the time…but then again we don’t do anything “all the time”.

You’ll do a sit up then lean back to where you feel tension on the abs. That’s where you’ll “rest” for 15 seconds until you have to do another rep. Yep another rep…every 15 seconds for 7 minutes.

If you don’t want to do these: Don’t. On the other hand they were the “easiest” exercise all day today. Betcha you won’t even try!

Seventh: Flying Squirrels

Everyone was glad to get to the last exercise. It didn’t matter what the exercise was as long as it was the last one!

So on your bellies! Arch up off the floor, arms up, knees bent and thighs up.

You’ll feel this between the shoulder blades, the lower back, glutes and hamstrings.

Ohhhhh…the bbbbuuurrrnnn!!!

This is the workout for 11/6/2010.

We do a lot of conditioning.

We covered it all with this one. Strength, quickness, agility, core, flexibility, balance all components of fitness.

The intensity sometimes tells me we are doing this more than just for “fitness”. Just what I’m not quite sure.

Music: Big variety of stuff. T-Shirt: “The Movement Is Freedom”. Not sure what the t-shirt makers meant but I tend to look at is as “Movement Is Freedom” probably because I know so many people that just don’t or won’t move!

It was good to have a visitor to share in our little Saturday sweatfest! Great to see you after all these years David!

First: Just a little bit of a warm up.

We don’t always do a warm up but today this qualifies: Inchworms for 25 yards with (only) 2 push ups at each layout.

We followed that up with 25 yards of long lunges.

Second: We did some core/abs with the medicine balls but I neglected to turn on the camera.

So I kinda crapped out on that one. Hate it when I do that!

Third: Some leg and burpee/push up combos.

  1. Single Leg Squats 50 on each leg
  2. Burpees/Feet on chair push ups 10
  3. Step Ups on chair 25 on each leg
  4. Burpees/Feet on chair push ups 10
  5. Chair Squats 100
  6. Burpee/Feet on chair push ups 10

Fourth: Monster Walks with gold tband.

Sure we’ve done this before but not with plates!

The red plates are 45lb, the blue are 35lb and the yellow are 25lb.

  1. Monster Walk with overhead press with plate
  2. Monster Walk Hopping forward with plate
  3. Monster Walk Hopping backward with plate

Fifth: Short hurdle hops and sprints. 3 cycles in each direction.

Better check out the video on this one.

Sixth: Finisher…because it will!

Suicide drill backwards/forwards with 10 push ups on a medicine ball at each stop.

Seventh: OK so we had some time left.

So we did some Tabata style push ups. You do as many push ups as you can in 20 seconds then take a 10 second break. You repeat the process 8 times.

All done in less than 4 minutes.

And the workout vid:

Forgot to include the Tabata push ups in the vid above so here it is!


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Yep that is pretty much the way I felt…on 12/5/09. We did workout. It was hard…cause they just are…but I forgot my regular camera. It was all charged and ready to go! It just wasn’t in my bag…however the backup camera was. GREAT! or so I thought…the batteries were dead. CRAP! I thought about filming the whole thing with my phone…but  at this point I just wanted to get it over with and get the workout over!!

It may happen again…hopefully not!