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52nd workout of the year, 5/18/2011.

Music: Collective Soul. T-Shirt: Late Night with Tony Robbins.

We survived all the running conditioning work…well kinda.

So this time we did a whole different kind of conditioning…Controlled Chaotic Conditioning!

At least that is what it looks like on the video.

This will be a short post for such a devastating workout!

Warm Up:

Agility Ladder Drills

You seen them before and you’ll see them again. Just a quick way to get moving.

Next: Variety of Stuff…

No scheduled rest periods…just til you get to the next station.

We were supposed to do 5 Cycles. We did but some of us thought we actually did 6 cycles. That’s how tough it was. We just couldn’t keep track!

10 Exercises 5 Cycles (With a boatload o reps!)

Leg Raises 25 (Total 125)

DB Curls 10 (Total 50)

Alternate Hand/Foot  25 (Total 125)

Walkout Push Ups 10 (Total 50)

Squats 20 Ball In Front (Total 100)

Squats 20 Ball Overhead (Total 100)

Bosu Push Ups 15 (Total 75)

Burpees 10 (Total 50)

Crunches 25 (Total 125)

2 Move Ball Slams 5 (Total Slams 50)



Tony Robbins

Posted: December 4, 2009 in T Shirts
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I first heard about Anthony “Tony” Robbins years ago. Saw the old info commercial…thought it was a bunch of crap. But that is because I always thought I knew everything…took me a long time to figure out that I did not know everything and that I never would!

In 2001 there was a movie out called “Shallow Hal”.

In the movie Robbins plays himself. He helps “Hal” (who incidentally is played by Tenacious Ds’ Jack Black).¬† I enjoyed him in the movie and got some small clips off of Napster (remember those days?). I really liked some of the stuff. From him I also found out he had a mentor at one time named Jim Rohn. So I found some Jim Rohn stuff. So it’s been and continues to be a journey to be the best I can from a physical to mental to personal standpoint.

By the way…after a few Napster clips I bought some CDs and books by Robbins…apparently a T-shirt as well!