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48th workout of the year, 6/4/2012.

Music: AC/DC.  T-Shirt: 21st Amendment Brewery.

More core/ab stuff.

This time in different positions using a weight plate.

45, 35 or 25 pounder…

Plate Core Complex

Plate Complex Part 1 Standing:

  1. Twist floor -> overhead 2 x 5 ea side.
  2. Overhead Spin 2 x 5 on each side.
  3. Twist with pause in the middle. 2 x 5 ea side.
  4. Twist without pause. 2 x 5 on ea side.
  5. Overhead Twists. 2 x 5 on each side.
  6. Front Plate Raises. 2 x 10.
  7. Overhead Side Bends. 2 sets 5 each side.
  8. Side Halos Overhead Side.  2 x 5 each side.
  9. Plate Pullthroughs 2 x 5
  10. Round the World. Just a variation off the front plate raise. 2 x 8.
  11. Overhead Squat   2 x 5

Plate Complex Part 2 Moving:

  1. Plate Overhead Walk 15 Yds x 2
  2. Plate Low At Side Walk 15 Yds x 2
  3. Plate Twist Walk 15 Yds x 2
  4. Plate in Front Walk 15 Yds x 2
  5. Plate Overhead Long Lunge 15 Yds x 2
  6. Plate Overhead Reverse Lunge 15 Yds x 2
  7. Plate Twist Long Lunge 15 Yds x 2

Plate Complex Part 3 Floor:

  1. Sit Up/Twists – 2 x 5 Reps
  2. Plate Sit Up 2 x 5
  3. Leg Raises Extended Arms 2 x 20
  4. Plate Overhead Lemon Squeezers 2 x 20
  5. Plate to Feet 2 x 20
  6. Plate Overhead Seated Leg Raises 2 x 20
  7. Plate Crunches 2 x 10
  8. Reverse Crunch Plate Overhead 2 x 25
  9. Hip Ups Plate Overhead 2 x 25
  10. Seated Legs Up Plate Twists 2 x 10 Each Side
  11. One Leg Bridge Plate Overhead 2 x 20 Each Side
  12. Windshield wipers. 2 x 5 each side.






109th workout of the year, 11/2/2011.

Music: Mix of The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Sugarhill Gang, Type O Negative, Jim Croce (obscure song) and The B-52s.

T- Shirt: Captain America.

Still a bit sore from The All Burpee Workout the other day.

But I think we’ll do some more today.

But different.

As usual.

Just can’t do the same thing.

But First: Core/Abs

12 Balls Various Weights

Sit Up Ball Side to Side 5 Reps Each Ball

Leg Raises Ball in Hands 10 Reps Each Ball

Seated Leg Raises Ball Overhead 10 Reps Each Ball

Seated Leg Raises Ball Between Ankles 5 Reps Each Ball

And Second: Burpees

The last workout we did 300 total burpees.

Today we’ll be doing 100. But they are just a bit different.

Instead of jumping in place we went forward…then backward…then sideways, a couple of times.

Tough conditioning!

Borrowed the traveling burpee idea from Lisa via Facebook.

Great Idea Too!!

Traveling Burpees Jump Forward 25 Reps

Traveling Burpees Jump Backward 25 Reps

Traveling Burpees Jump Sideways 25 Reps

Traveling Burpees Jump Sideways with a Plate 25 Reps

Thirdly: More Core/Abs

Crunches 50

Bicycles 50

Hip Ups 50

Fourth: Furniture Slide Suicides

Hate, hate, hate these things!

But great for conditioning…so I guess it sucks to be us!

Fifth: Even More Core/Abs

Seated Leg Raises 50

Lemon Squeezers 50

Seated Hand to Opposite Foot 25 Each Side

And that is it!!


104th workout of the year, 10/22/2011.

Music: Better Than Ezra. T- Shirt: I wonder what it means?

Back to the plates!

The plates, you say?

Yes, the plates. Back to an all plate workout.

Well almost. We did stick some Tabata style stuff and even some old school ab/core “entertainment”.

Why not grab a plate and join in the fun?

It won’t kill you…

First: 21 Plate Exercises

2 cycles: 12 reps then 6 reps

  1. Plate Squats
  2. Plate Presses
  3. Plate Good Mornings
  4. Plate Overhead Squats
  5. Plate Front Raises
  6. Plate Pushes
  7. Plate Long Lunges
  8. Plate Curls
  9. Plate Woodchoppers
  10. Plate Halos
  11. Plate Woodchoppers From Floor
  12. Plate Windshield Wipers
  13. Plate Triceps Extensions
  14. Plate Floor Presses
  15. Plate Overhead Seated Leg Raises
  16. Plate Twists Seated Feet Up
  17. Plate Stiff Leg Deadlifts
  18. Plate Pullthroughs From Ankles
  19. Plate Overhead Sidebends
  20. Plate Sidebends
  21. Plate Grip Circles

Second: “Tabata Style” Wall Sprints

For 20 seconds run as fast as you can leaning forward against a wall.

Take a 10 second break.

Then repeat the process 8 times.

You won’t want to do it again any time soon.

Third: Abbie Cores

Crunches 50

Leg Raises 50

Side Crunches 25 Each Side

Up the Middle Crunch 25


85th workout of the year, 8/15/2011.

Music: Hits of 1972 and 1973. T-Shirt: Synergy Athletics.

We get inspiration from a number of places.

Today’s workout was inspired by a blog post and video I saw on Joe Hashey’s website.

He had a variety of “woodchopping” exercises on a video.

While it was great I went ahead and added a few more.

Devastating it was.

First: Agility Ladder Drills

As usual just to get some blood flowing.

Second: Plate Complex

Part 1

5 Reps Each Side of Each Exercise In Order:

Bulgarian Squats W/Woodchoppers

Bulgarian Squat Position W/Woodchoppers

Reverse Lunge W/Woodchoppers

Reverse Lunge Position W/Woodchoppers

Squats W/Woodchoppers


Forward Lunge W/Woodchoppers

Forward Lunge Position W/Woodchoppers

Short Lunge W/Woodchoppers

Short Lunge Position W/Woodchoppers

Chair Step Ups W/Woodchoppers


Narrow Squats W/Woodchoppers


Wide Squats W/Woodchoppers


Third: More Plate Stuff On The Floor

Plate Complex Part 2

  1. Sit Up – Plate L to R, 5 Reps Each Side
  2. Plate Sit Up 10
  3. Leg Raises Extended Arms 20
  4. Plate Overhead Lemon Squeezers 20
  5. Plate to Feet 20
  6. Plate Overhead Seated Leg Raises 20
  7. Plate Crunches 10
  8. Reverse Crunch Plate Overhead 25
  9. Hip Ups Plate Overhead 25
  10. Seated Legs Up Plate Twists 10 Each Side
  11. One Leg Bridge Plate Overhead 20 Each Side


74th workout of the 7/18/2011.

Music: Los Lonely Boys. T-Shirt: SUPERMAN.

Time for some more variety.

What?! Isn’t there enough variety with what we are doing?

Absolutely! Just checking to see if you were reading this.

Well that and I have nothing witty to say right now because I’m tired from tonight’s workout!


Long Lunges With Plate

2 x 25 Yards

Short Lunges With Plate

2 x 25 Yards


Ground Up Push Ups

4 x 25

And how about a 1 Minute Plank Between Each Set!?


Prisoner Squats

4 x 25

With Some Side Planks Between Each Set

30 Seconds Each Side


One Leg Bridge

30 Second Holds

3 Minutes Each Side

Leg Raise

30 Second Holds

3 Minutes


Bottoms Up Squats

4 x 25

25 Crunches Between Each Set


67th  workout of the year, 6/25/2011.

Music: Pandora via Blackberry (Zombie/Manson kinda stuff). T-Shirt: I’m Huge In Japan.

Today I kinda have to “wing it”. And I’m not talking about B.Merrells’ wings!

I get to the place early and find the power is out. The weird thing is some lights worked and others didn’t. However anything that was plugged into the wall didn’t work at all.

That meant no stereo. THNX to Chris for the Pandora idea. Reminded me of AM radio.

The power did eventually come back on. The alarm went off and we got a visit from the police. Fun times!

I call today’s exercise regimen the Hundreds Workout.


The obvious is that we did 100 reps on everything.

Not so obvious is my lack of creative ability to come up with post titles.

Actually that is obvious.

Warm Up:

No. Not today. We’ll just launch right into it.

The Workout:

11 Exercises. 100 Reps Each.

Plate Squats 100

Plate Crunches 100

Seated Leg Raises 100

Plate Overhead Leg Raises 100

Plate Press w/Leg Raises 100

Plate Twists 100

Lemon Squeezers 100

Seated Plate Front Raises 100

Plate Overhead Lemon Squeezers 100

Plate/Squat Upright Rows 100

Single Leg Squats 100


62nd workout of the year, 6/13/2011.

Music: Alice Cooper. T-Shirt: Rob Zombie.

Coming into this Monday workout we weren’t too badly banged up from the weekend.

Some soreness but nothing huge like after some workouts.

Today is a birthday workout.

51 one is the magic (Betsy) number today!!

So how do we make 51 hard?

I guess another question would be: Should people over 50 do this kind of workout?

Or over 40…or 30?

Sure Why Not!!!

Warm Up:

No. Another day without a warm up.

The Workout:

  1. Crunches 51
  2. Squats 51
  3. Plate Upright Rows 51
  4. Feet On Wall Sit Ups 51
  5. Butt and Legs On Wall Sit Ups 51
  6. Plate Front Raises 51
  7. Chair Leg Raises 51
  8. Ground Up Push Ups 51
  9. Long Lunges 51
  10. Plate Pushes 51
  11. Single Leg Squats 51
  12. Plate Presses 51
  13. Chair Jump Squats 51
  14. Plate Curls 51
  15. Chair Bridges 51
  16. Front Kick Over Chair 51
  17. Incline Push Ups 51
  18. High Kick Over Chair 51
  19. Triceps Dips 51
  20. 3 Tap Sit Ups 51
  21. Burpees 51

Nothing like saving burpees for last!

Rep total today: 1275


You got to be kidding me!