Image32Workout for 9/29/2014

T-Shirt: Because I’m Bill That’s Why
Music: The Offspring

And now for something different…
Of course “different” is the norm for us.

We’ve done circuit training before. I mean…who hasn’t?
We’ve done the circuits for time…15, 20, 30, 45, or 60 seconds per station.
We’ve done the circuits for reps…5, 10, 15, 20, 25 per station.

Enter 100.Image5
We’ve done 100 reps before. So nothing new here.
What is new is doing 100 reps at each station during the circuit!

It was tough. Some stations were harder than others.

First: The Circuit

100 Reps, 11 ExercisesImage2

Bodyweight Chair Squat
DB Curls
Incline DB Press
Chair Bridges
T-Band Pushdowns
BB Curls
Band Pulldowns
Incline Sit UpsImage18
Incline Leg Raises
Bench Dips
Push Ups Feet on Chair

Second: Same Circuit

“Only” did 25 Reps at each station.
25 used to be a high number but compared to 100 this was a breeze.
Everyone sailed through this one.

It’s all about the challenge and the adventure through “fun” stuff like this!




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