Image11Workout for 1-7-2015
Music: Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter, and some other stuff

Back to some body weight stuff today.
Decided to take a trip around the perimeter of the gym for half the workout.
The other half was devoted to getting off the floor.
Yep, getting off the floor.
It’s a valuable thing to be able to do!
Around The Gym in Many WaysImage3

First: Agility Ladders

I was going to start with some ab stuff to get going but the ladders can break the chill quicker. So there you go.

Second: Inchworms

With only one push up.
But all the way around the gym.Image4
Just another novel way of doing something we’ve done before.

Third: Long Lunges

For these you’re supposed to stretch out the lunge as far as you can.

All the way around the gym.Image6
Then backwards…

Fourth: Short Lunges

For these you put your knee to the lunging heel.

All the way around the gym.
Then backwards…Image9

Fifth: Push Ups

Rotating Push Ups Around The Gym – One Way

Rotating Push Ups Around The Gym – The Other Way

Sixth: Burpees

Around the Gym ForwardImage16
Around the Gym Backward
Around the Gym Sideways

Seventh: Get Up Off The Floor Variations

Get Up Sit Ups 10
Get Off Floor w/o hands 10
Turkish Get Ups w/o weight 10
Prone Get Up, No hands on knees 10Image24
Prone Get Up, Hands Behind Back 5
Kneeling Pop Up to Squat Position 10
Turkish Get Ups with weight 10

Eighth: Optional Stretching

Pretty much what it says.
Just trying to keep some flexibility.




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